CNN’s Baldwin Brings Out The Tears While Processing Mass Shootings From Last Weekend

Baldwin shedding tears for her gun control moment but she doesn't shed a tear for the millions of human babies Democrats murder by abortion every year.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin has to be the most emotional news anchor that’s ever been on the airwaves (Fox News Shep Smith, comes in a close second). This the 4th time she’s cried on national TV, and this is only in the last year.

Brooke reduced herself to tears while speaking about shootings last week as her boss asked her to travel to cover it. I guess it was a super emotional moment for the anchor who is used to staying behind the desk as she took time to speak to her audience about her experience.

To be able to weep on cue is priceless. Still won’t correct their failing ratings.

Wow! That was a really good performance! How touching that was. CNN is pulling out all the stops to ban firearms, aren’t they?

However, I have never seen a CNN anchor mourn for the deaths of Americans on the mean streets of America. For example. Through the first nine days of August, ten people in Chicago have been murdered and 76 shot. For the year, 307 have been murdered and 1665 wounded. Almost all are minority victims. Who cries for these Americans? Certainly not the liberal media or the Democrat politicians who claim they champion minorities.

“This has been a horrible week for America,” Baldwin said on Friday’s broadcast of “Newsroom.” “I never thought in my 20 years in journalism that I would get a call last Sunday morning from my boss asking me to go cover a mass shooting and I actually had to ask the question, ‘Which one?’”

Baldwin recalled standing in Dayton for three days “on a street where blood was still splattered on the sidewalk” while co-anchoring with colleagues in El Paso “ping-ponging back and forth between one mass shooting to the next.”

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“That was a first for me,” she noted. “And I am worried that it might not be the last unless there is real change in Washington” where members of Congress have now gone on recess until September.

“Six days and nothing at the federal level, except for a ban on bump stocks, has been done to take on this problem,” Baldwin later added. “And today the president is going on vacation. Congress is on vacation. And they won’t come back to deal with the nation in crisis. Mitch McConnell says we’ll talk about it in September. In a month.” But by then, it “may be too late,” she warned. [Huffington Post]

Can someone tell me precisely what Congress or the president can do to predict and prevent these events? Don’t say, “ban guns” unless you can tell me how you intend to get the guns from the criminals.

Don’t say, “Magazine size limits” unless you can tell me how you intend to get criminals to comply. Don’t say’ “Psychological testing of gun purchasers/owners” unless you can tell me how you can predict, with any accuracy, the future actions of another person.

Evil, nasty, wicked things happen in society. As society is allowed to become more violent, as more laws are passed to infringe on the actions of the innocent while ignoring the effects of the criminals, there will be more violence and more criminal activity.

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I miss real reporters like Ed Murrow and Walter Cronkite. They reported the news in an unbias way and didn’t insert their opinions or resort to tears to “move” the audience. I don’t know what happened along the way, but all of the news is filled with opinion pieces with a little bit of fact thrown in for good measure.

Baldwin was shedding tears for her gun control moment but she doesn’t shed a tear for the millions of human babies Democrats murder by abortion every year. I’m pretty sure, and old enough to remember, that there were mass shootings when Obama was president, too. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Acting in grief and haste has never proven a good idea not once, especially for ratings. It is not the guns sorry, but it just isn’t, Plus criminals are criminals because they don’t follow laws.


This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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