Democrat Candidate Pete Buttigieg: ‘Systemic racism is a white problem’

I assume Buttigieg has the streets in South Bend paved in silver and gold.

In the end, most rational voters care about substance, not identity politics.

Have you noticed with Indiana Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg seems to judge people according to their race rather than as individuals? I know that’s the liberal way, and the media keeps pushing for this, but few people support this way of thinking.

Speaking at the National Association of Black Journalists conference in Miami, the South Bend, Ind., mayor said the U.S. was “by no means even halfway done dealing with systemic racism in this country.”

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“I hope over the course of this campaign, you will see how I speak about these issues – not only with mostly black audiences, but with mostly white audiences,” Buttigieg continued. “Because if there’s anything we’ve learned in the last few days, systemic racism is a white problem.”

Buttigieg’s remarks come as President Trump faces scrutiny for his rhetoric following two mass shootings over the weekend that left at least 31 dead and dozens other wounded. [MSN]

I wonder if black voters ever get tired of hearing the same old promises, same old impossible solutions and same old song from different singers. The repetition must be killing them. I know it’s killing me.

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I assume Buttigieg has the streets in South Bend paved in silver and gold. All of the residents are living high on the hog and no worries about everything in their lives. How do the people of South Bend feel about an absent mayor whose biggest reason to run is that he is gay?

Many voters will continue to vote for candidates that do nothing once elected. Look at Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, the democrat party controls all and the cities are decaying. Twenty-two (22) Democratic presidential hopefuls and each one is trying to outdo the others in offering free things to 14% of the population while ignoring the other 84% of voters.

God help them, please.

Watch above, via MSN.

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