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POTUS Calls Out Scaramucci Who Has Been Making Rounds On MSNBC And CNN, Tearing Him Down

Earlier this week, former House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci jumped on MSNBC, calling out Pres. Trump’s trips to El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Scaramucci called those visits a “catastrophe.” He even chastised alleged leaks from the White House who claimed the visits were bad optics, but I challenged those assertions from the NY Times and Washington Post as lies created to divide the administration. Scaramucci took those stories to be accurate and was called to give his analysis, and so he did.

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On Saturday night, Pres. Trump finally got around to responding to Scaramucci’s statements with these tweets:

“Anthony Scaramucci, who was quickly terminated (11 days) from a position that he was totally incapable of handling, now seems to do nothing but television,” the president commented late Saturday.

..other than the fact that this Administration has probably done more than any other Administration in its first 2 1/2 years of existence. Anthony, who would do anything to come back in, should remember the only reason he is on TV, and it’s not for being the Mooch!

Scaramucci tells all the networks that he is a Trump supporter and friend, and he wouldn’t be a friend as a yes man and watching Trump hurt himself politically with missteps.

I challenge his blueprint. If he has something to say negative against Trump, if he is supposed to have such connections, then he should speak to the president. Running to these networks and calling out Trump telling everyone that you can do that because you are his friend, only gives his enemies continued ammunition to fight the president and makes Scaramucci look stupid.

Scaramucci has done his work and gotten a lot of speaking gigs in the conservative movement acting as if he was Trump’s friend. I am not the only one who has snuffed this out. I am just shocked so many have fallen for his Scaramucci’s game.


This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [4] and is used by permission.

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