8 1/2 Month Pregnant Migrant Crossed U.S. Border to Give Birth and Border Patrol Sent Her Back

A migrant woman who is 8 1/2 months pregnant, crossed the U.S. border in order to give birth, but she ran into a bit of trouble from Border Patrol.

A migrant woman who is 8 1/2 months pregnant, crossed the U.S. border in order to give birth, but she ran into a bit of trouble from Border Patrol.

The woman was having contractions, so Border Patrol took her to a hospital, where they stopped the contractions.

Once she was cleared, they shipped her back to Mexico to give birth there.

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Bravo, Border Patrol. The American taxpayer has enough burden to carry!

Eight-and-a-half-months pregnant and experiencing contractions, an El Salvadoran woman crossed the Rio Grande — only to be apprehended by Border Patrol. She was not allowed to stay.

Agents took her to the hospital, where doctors gave her medication to stop the contractions. And then, according to the woman and her lawyer, she was almost immediately sent back to Mexico. There, she joined the more than 38,000 people forced to wait across the border for immigration court hearings under a rapidly expanding Trump administration policy. And her plight highlights the health risks and perils presented by the “Remain in Mexico” program.

The woman was waiting Thursday with her 3-year-old daughter in a makeshift tent camp in Matamoros, Mexico, next to an international bridge, due to give birth any day, said her attorney, Jodi Goodwin.

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“She’s concerned about having the baby in the street or having to have the baby in a shelter,” Goodwin said.

Pregnant women face special hazards in Mexico because places where migrants wait to enter the U.S. often don’t have access to regular meals, clean water, and medical care. [Time Magazine]

Once word of this incident spreads, you can bet your last dollar that the liberal outrage mob will use it to attack President Trump, ICE, and border patrol.

Heck, at this rate, they may even use it to try and impeach the president…I hear Democrats are desperately searching for a reason, as we speak.

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