Abrams Offers Advice To 2020 Democrats: Focus On Stopping Voter Suppression

She is completely dishonest. She has not won a single court case involving her assertion of voter suppression in the gubernatorial election in Georgia.

Democrats win, or they were cheated out of a win.

MSNBC thought it would once again allow losing gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on set to discuss her playbook on how the Democratic nominee in 2020 can win Georgia.

Abrams is the last one I’d look to for advice as to how the Democrats should run their campaign. She lost and was the biggest sore loser in Georgia political history. She lost to a Republican candidate who wasn’t that particularly a strong candidate. If her strategy is so good, why didn’t she decide to run against David Perdue or for Johnny Isakson’s seat coming up due to his retirement? Simple answer, she knows she would lose.

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As for this voter suppression thing, that argument is the first and most reliable complaint by Democrats. Cleaning up voter rolls or voter ID is voter suppression. Now, election day is election month, and they still aren’t happy. In Dem-controlled areas, election day continues until Democrats win.

Does Abrams not know that national elections are not the same as local or state elections? People look at national a lot different than the state. The minority vote should go to trump, unemployment down to lowest numbers and wages going up.

She is completely dishonest. She has not won a single court case involving her assertion of voter suppression in the gubernatorial election in Georgia. She complained that the current Governor, then the Secretary of State, was closing polling places to suppress minority voting. It was local election boards that were closing the polling places, and Democrats predominantly ran those boards.

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Abrams is giving away the game plan: mobilize minority groups and ignore white voters. It should come as no surprise the Dems want as many foreigners pouring across the border.

Down the road, they’ll demand citizenship and voting rights. Democrats are not for the average, hard-working citizen. They only want those who are told they’re victims of something. Prosperity for Trump is adding jobs, increasing pay, lowering unemployment and making trade deals that are fair to American workers. Prosperity for Democrats is to have as many people as possible dependent on government.

Why is it I have the feeling that last thing a democrat wants is a fair election process?


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