De Niro Drops “F” Bomb At Trump On CNN; Host Responds “It’s Not A FCC Violation”

Because of his tirades and hostile attitude towards people who think differently, I no longer watch his movies

Robert DeNiro is well known as a Pres. Trump critic, so I guess that qualifies him to speak on the political talk show from CNN’s point of view.

De Niro figured he would test the network by dropping the f-bomb – twice while appearing on CNN this past Sunday. His justification? He felt he needed to be vulgar to hit back at Trump supporters who disagree with his anti-​Trump hate.

Image if a Hollywood actor that is conservative would have said something like that about Obama? President Trump is showing the World how unhinged the Left truly is and how basis the America media is toward Repubs.

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“F​–k ‘em. F​–k ‘em,” ​the “Raging Bull” Oscar-winner responded after trashing Trump and Fox News pundits on the president’s side on “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter.

A voice from off-set could be heard yelling “woahhhh,” at De Niro’s double four-letter drop.

“Sorry. Sorry,” the actor said.

“This is cable, so it’s not an FCC violation, but it still is a Sunday morning,” host Stelter commented. [Deadline]

I think at any upcoming presidential debates all the candidates should angrily speak up and give their opinions about movies, acting, editing, film scoring, costume design, and cinematography and no matter what questions they are asked about policy issues facing the country

De Niro: “Possibly medically too. I didn’t think that before, but now I actually – when I saw him out in front of the helicopter waiting to go somewhere, talking endlessly and sweating and sweating … this guy, he’s not even aware of what he’s – he should at least ask somebody for a handkerchief or something and dry himself off.” [Deadline]

Talent and good fortune have blessed him. Political commentary/opinion? NO more staggering, profound or essential than my own. Seriously, acting is a job. I’m a Father and a veteran. My job. So he’s qualifications are no more credible in the political arena than mine is except that he has the media attention. And a privileged life with unlimited financial security. Which, thinking about it, makes him less qualified to speak for the vast majority of the American people!

A once very good actor, who like most leftist activists coming out of Hollywood confuses his popularity as an actor with his political bent as a person. As an actor, I always enjoyed his movies, but as a leftist liberal, I couldn’t disagree with him more politically.

In fact, because of his tirades and hostile attitude towards people who think differently, I no longer watch his movies or those of other actors who conduct themselves in the same manner.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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