The Democrats Continue a Losing Battle as the Impeachment Witch Hunt Goes On

The ridiculous Democrat impeachment circus continues. Day after day, hearing after hearing, Tweet after Tweet and on and on.

Image Credit: Screenshot, CBS News / WikiMedia Commons / Screenshot, ABC News

The Democrats seem solely focused on undermining democracy and ignoring the Constitution.

As Beto, Biden and Buttigieg battle it out for the right to get thumped by President Trump in the 2020 election, the House continues its efforts to ignore the results of our last presidential election.

It is embarrassing that the country is being dragged through this impeachment charade because the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee is facing a tough primary challenge in Salem, I’m sorry, I meant New York. Rep. Nadler needs to go work for MSNBC and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on his partisan witch hunt.

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump hasn’t done anything wrong and you can’t impeach him because you don’t like him or because the lunatics on the left want you to or because you are scared you will lose an election!

Speaking of elections, if Jerry is so scared of losing his cushy job in congress to a primary challenge maybe he should employ these tactics against his challenger instead of our Commander in Chief.

If Nadler is so set on undermining democracy to keep his power, let the good congressman level unfounded, preposterous, false, politically motivated accusations against his primary opponents, at least this way he is only circumventing the democratic political will of the people in his own district and not the entire country.

This isn’t Europe, this is America and when you are elected president you get four years. And when President Trump is reelected next year he will get four more.

Despite the tactics of the Democrats and the left, impeachment is not a loophole to overturn the will of the American people to satisfy the political ambitions and radical ideology of the liberal elite.

There are real issues that need to be addressed and guess what … they are being addressed by President Trump and he is doing a great job!

It is amazing that the President has been able to accomplish all of this with daily whining from sore loser Democrats threatening impeachment like toddlers throwing temper tantrums.

Imagine how much more President Trump could do if these Democrats actually did their jobs and attempted to govern and legislate, if they worked with him and not against him in our little experiment we like to call democracy.

That may be too much for the radical left so maybe they can just stay at home or go to the beach and do some light reading—I am particularly fond of the Constitution, the one from the United States in case anyone is confused.

Let’s work together to fix healthcare, strengthen our border, and improve our economy.

Do the Democrats actually care about anything they preach? It doesn’t seem like it. False allegations and meritless calls for impeachment aren’t helping anyone and the Democrats should stop embarrassing themselves.

I mean even Speaker Nancy Pelosi of all people doesn’t want anything to do with this nonsense. If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think there are grounds for impeachment then it’s probably a pretty good indication that it’s time to drop this impeachment absurdity and get aboard the Trump Train.

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