New Report Bad News For Dems: Voters Unfazed By Trump-Ukraine, But Bothered by Biden

Trump's risk may have paid off according to a new report.  Trump has accomplished two goals. He's created doubt about an already weak Joe Biden, and talk of "impeachment" is not phasing Trump supporters.

President Trump may have taken a very big risk when he rolled the dice and moved to expose the Biden-Ukraine scandal – now he faces impeachment.

However the risk has paid off according to a new report.  Trump has accomplished two goals. He’s created doubt about an already weak Joe Biden, and talk of “impeachment” is not phasing Trump supporters.

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The (anti-Trump) Richmond Times traveled around the country and spoke to actual voters about the dueling Ukraine scandals and they discovered that nobody cares much about the Democrats partisan and desperate impeachment attempts.

Robin Wade, 58, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, voted for Trump in 2016 and plans to vote for him again. The former teacher, now on disability, thought Democrats were “making a mockery out of our country” by opening an impeachment inquiry into Trump’s pressuring of the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden.

However, the report goes on to say that Democrats they spoke with showed concern over Biden’s Ukraine scandal. The common thread with these voters, was that they wanted Trump to face some “justice,” but have such disillusionment regarding politics and our government, that ultimately they believe nothing will happen.

Interviews with voters across the country in recent days found few have changed their minds about the president as a result of the Trump-Ukraine scandal.

As with previous controversies, Trump’s supporters said they were sure he had done nothing wrong, while his critics said they thought it was obvious that he had. It was Biden who may suffer the most, as even some who support the impeachment inquiry said they now had questions about what Biden’s son, Hunter, did in Ukraine. [Richmond Times]

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Caregiver Kathy Lowery, 61, of McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, said that she hates the constant pettiness she sees politicians engaging in.“I’m just so sick of them — of both parties. It’s like schoolyard bull. This one kicks dirt so that one has to kick more dirt,” said Lowery, who said she voted for Clinton in 2016, with misgivings. “That’s why I don’t even watch all that much news anymore. I had it on this morning and I was thinking ‘OK, all of you lie. Just shut up. Just shut up. I just can’t even.’”

Lana Weldon, 65, of Beavercreek, Ohio, is a Republican, but she didn’t vote in 2016 because she didn’t like Trump or Clinton.“The people have a right to find out the truth,” she said. “Can we really find out the truth though? I feel like politics has a way of hiding everything.”

The overall feel from the report is that battle lines are drawn, and everyone is sticking to their side and their guy. But it looks as if Trump supporters are being stoic, steadfast, and unfazed, while Biden supporters are showing strain over his Ukraine scandal and the realization that “nothing” will happen to Trump.

Well, duh, he did nothing wrong.

Trump won in 2016 in large part because the Democratic nominee was dragged down by scandals he helped publicize. Clinton, who left her post as Secretary of State in 2013 with a 69% approval rating, ended up as the second-most unpopular major-party presidential nominee in modern history, just behind Trump.

His attempt to repeat that zero-sum strategy in 2020 may already be working.

Accountant Emsie Hapner, 25, of Dayton, voted for Clinton in 2016. She said she’s crossing her fingers that Trump is impeached.
“It doesn’t excuse the use of the office of the presidency to find that information out for personal gain,” she said about Trump. “Whether or not Joe Biden has things to answer for is a separate issue.” [Richmond Times]

It’s almost like liberals are bummed out because they can’t get a scandal to stick to Trump, without dragging one of theirs down with it.

That’s because the Dems are making up scandals as they go.

Now, in an even more desperate move, Democrats are claiming the “average” of some unknown surveys they’ve taken show that the American people support this impeachment witch-hunt.

Trump’s strategy of focusing exclusively on his base is not without risk. An average of surveys taken after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement last week of an impeachment inquiry show 46% of Americans support impeachment while 42% oppose it. [Richmond Times]

That’s laughable, since recent Monmouth polls show 62% of Americans oppose impeachment.

This is just the desperate Democrats trying to somehow “will this” impeachment mess into a popular and smart political move.

Also, keep in mind this is an anti-Trump pub, so I’m sure it pained them beyond belief to print this headline:

Richmond Times Dispatch Headline

Let us know in the comments below what you think will happen ultimately with the impeachment investigation into President Trump.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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