North Carolina Screws Over ICE By Releasing 500 Illegal Aliens From Jail

Officials in North Carolina are willfully endangering the lives of American citizens with their treason-like actions, and yet, nobody is doing anything about it.

It’s high time that the federal government step in and stop these reckless sanctuary cities from wreaking mayhem and harm upon the American people.

Case in point – North Carolina released nearly 500 dangerous illegal aliens from jail, despite having ICE detainers.

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Officials in North Carolina are willfully endangering the lives of American citizens with their treason-like actions, and yet, nobody is doing anything about it.

Nearly 500 undocumented immigrants have been released from jails across the state in the past ten months despite administrative detainers filed against them by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

WBTV obtained new data compiled by ICE outlining the figures. The data covers Fiscal Year 2019, which began in October 2018 and runs through next month.

According to the data, 489 detainers were declined by law enforcement.

A detainer is an administrative request from the federal government to a local law enforcement agency to hold someone in jail even after they are eligible for release on their state charge.

A detainer is often used by ICE to keep undocumented immigrants in jail because removal from the country is a civil action and not a criminal matter. [WBTV]

Last month North Carolina released an illegal alien who was arrested on rape and child sex charges.

What the hell?

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And these are the same people who are pushing to have our Constitutional gun rights stripped away.


When will these radical, anti-law and order officials be held responsible for their lawlessness?

The debate over whether local authorities should cooperate with ICE detainers has raged this year after Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden announced he would no longer honor ICE detainers.

McFadden campaigned on a pledge to not participate in the 287(g) program, a federal program where local law enforcement agencies are given authority to enforce some immigration laws.

McFadden ended his office’s participation in the 287(g) program soon after taking office in December 2018 and also announced he would no longer honor ICE detainers, which are separate from the 287(g) program.

Last month, McFadden came under fire after ICE arrested a Honduran fugitive who had been released from the Mecklenburg County Jail after being arrested on rape and child sex offense charges. [WBTV]

The federal government has called out Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden for releasing dangerous criminals, and not complying with ICE, but that’s just not enough.


We need to make examples of these anti-American renegades and restore law and order.

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