Rep Jim Jordan Calls Out CNN Tapper For Defending Biden Family

Jordan and Tapper get into a contentious exchange after the lawmaker makes accusations about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

On Sunday, Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, had a tense exchange with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday’s edition of “State of the Union.”

The conversation dealt with Pres. Trump accusing former VP Joe Biden having questionable dealings with Ukraine while also including the impeachment inquiry Democrats launched in response to President Trump asking the government of Ukraine to investigate Biden.

“The Ukrainian prosecutor said then there is no evidence of wrongdoing” by Biden, Tapper said.

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Jordan responded that Tapper had performed mental “gymnastics” to defend the Biden Family. Jordan defended the contents of the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, saying, “there’s nothing there.”

“The transcript gives you no reason to impeach this president,” he said.

The “fake news” media is entirely in the tank for the communists on this impeachment hoax. I watched a good bit of the CBS, ABC, and NBC Sunday shows this morning. The hosts of all three shows refused even to acknowledge the questions about just how fishy this scheme seems. The CBS host kept thumbing through papers on the table trying to find her next Media Matters talking point without even listening to the legitimate concerns raised by her opponent.

The ICIG, a guy named Michael Atkinson, is the key to this whole thing. It was Atkinson who approved the change in the whistleblower standards and secretly revised the form just TWO DAYS before this bogus complaint was submitted. It was Atkinson who determined against all the rules that this complaint had merit. Not too surprisingly, it was Atkinson who was a legal counsel for the DOJ/FBI and assisted the Strzok-Page-Comey crowd with the Russia collusion hoax and the abuse of the FISA system. Atkinson is the guy who made all this happen. More deep state corruption and collusion with the mainstream media.

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