Republicans Officially Accuse Dems of Taking ‘Mysterious’ Trips to Mexico to ‘Coach’ Migrants

House Republicans are demanding details on a series of "mysterious" trips by Democrats traveling to Mexico, where they are reportedly "coaching" migrants on how to exploit U.S. immigration laws.

House Republicans are demanding details on a series of “mysterious” trips by Democrats traveling to Mexico, where they are reportedly “coaching” migrants on how to exploit U.S. immigration laws.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are calling on their Democratic colleagues to provide more details about a series of trips taken to Mexico while staff were touring border detention facilities, amid reports that at least one Democrat has been involved in “coaching” migrants there on how to exploit U.S. immigration law.

In a letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., obtained by Fox News, ranking member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said there were at least two committee staff trips into Mexico in August — one of which required Border Patrol agents to provide a special escort back into the U.S. [Fox News]

Rep. Jim Jordan is seeking the official reason why Dems have sent a number of staffers to Mexico and what exactly Dems hoped to find out while on these mysterious trips.

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“Although you have the authority to direct Committee staff to travel internationally on official committee business, you have not explained why you authorized this travel into Mexico or what you sought to learn through these trips,” Jordan wrote, adding that Republicans were not notified of the trips. [Fox News]

Jordon has flat-out accused Democrats of using these trips to help migrants circumvent President Trump’s tougher immigration enforcement, in order to help them enter the United States.

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Jordan went on to accuse Democrats of seeking “to delegitimize the administration’s border security efforts and vilify the men and women who protect our border.” He said GOP members are concerned the trips “could continue to result in misleading information about the administration’s border security efforts.”

Fox News has reached out to Cummings’ office for a response to Republicans’ claims.

Specifically, Jordan highlighted a report that said Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, was in attendance on one trip to Tijuana on Aug. 21. Escobar, who is not on the Oversight Committee, has been a vocal advocate of left-wing policies on illegal immigration. [Fox News]

As we’re all aware by now, the Democrats appear to care more about illegal aliens, and migrants than they do about Americans.

After all, when was the last time you saw a crew of Democrats travel to the inner city of Chicago or Detroit?

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