Trump 2020 Campaign Prepares To Launch Social Networking App

The smartphone app sounds like a call to action sort of idea, but I know a lot of people will just sign up to watch and read instead of participating.

The game is about to change.

The 2020 Trump Campaign is preparing to launch a social media app as a way to connect with the President’s base and mobilize them for the 2020 election.

Trump supporters have been looking for a media platform away from Twitter, which has been suppressing right-leaning Americans for the last couple of years. Pres. Trump has been utilizing social media to bypass the opposition mainstream media,  since before he took office in 2017.

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The president feels that he can speak to his base and the rest of America on his own terms without the filter of opposition media. With the development of the truck with election campaigns networking app, many Trump supporters will be jumping at the chance to join this new operation.

one of the pitfalls of many alternative social media platforms is that many Trump supporters are afraid to try out other options, thinking they might miss something on the progressive-based platforms.

The app — which has no release date set — will create a prize system to persuade Trump’s diehard supporters to recruit their friends with rewards such as VIP seats at a rally or a photo with the president, similar to how other campaigns do for top donors, the report said.

And it will allow the Trump campaign to track followers more extensively than ever before, providing another way to double down and turn out the conservative base instead of persuading independent and undecided voters to reelect the president. The campaign has already collected 200 million voter files from the Republican National Committee, and it’s aiming to target voters with hyperspecific messaging.

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the Trump campaign is building a digital operation unrivaled by Democrats in its use of data-mining techniques and algorithms, the Los Angeles Times reported in June. It has spent millions in small Facebook ad buys to reach a large swath of voters in key battleground states. [Business Insider]

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The smartphone app sounds like a call to action sort of idea, but I know a lot of people will just sign up to watch and read instead of participating. Many Donald Trump supporters feel that if the president leaves Twitter, that social network platform would not be able to sustain itself, I beg to differ. There are too many self-centered music and Hollywood stars to keep it going, and they probably would celebrate.

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