Trump Responds To Wave Of Republicans Retiring

I thought for a while now that Republicans are setting up Pres. Trump to be impeached by removing themselves from Congress

Why in the heck does it seem Republicans are retiring when this country needs their leadership and changes to reverse the eight years of Barack Obama?

Pres. Trump has taken notice, and on Monday morning, he responded via his Twitter:

I understand what Pres. Trump is saying, but term limits may keep the right people from serving longer, but restrictions also help to keep the not-so-good people from serving longer. It is a catch 22, but overall, the safest approach for ensuring that leadership truly serves the interests of the people.

Responding to a wave of retirements by GOP members of Congress, President Donald Trump called Monday for the House to change its rules to let senior lawmakers keep their committee chairmanships beyond the current six-year term limit.

Trump, who made “drain the swamp” a mantra of his 2016 campaign, said that the self-imposed limit “forces great people” to leave too early.

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More than a dozen Republican lawmakers have announced retirements this year, opening up new races and complicating GOP efforts to take back the House in the 2020 presidential election. They include Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, the second-longest serving member of the House, and Rep. Bill Flores of Texas.

Trump tweeted Monday that the answer is to do away with the party’s six-year, self-imposed limit on how long members can serve as chairs. The six-year limit was created in 1994 to ensure fresh leadership atop the most powerful committees on Capitol Hill.

“House Republicans should allow Chairs of Committees to remain for longer than 6 years. It forces great people, and real leaders, to leave after serving,” the president tweeted. “The Dems have unlimited terms. While that has its own problems, it is a better way to go. Fewer people, in the end, will leave!” [USA Today]

We do need term limits on members of Congress. Some people serve 40 years and longer. Being a member of Congress was never supposed to be a lifelong career. No one who has been in Washington for 15 years or longer can be connected to the issues of the people he represents. Politicians worry about being re-elected and keeping their jobs, not doing what’s necessary, and making hard decisions.

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I am a Trump supporter, but I do not agree with the extension of lawmaker’s terms. I think Democrats need to be reigned in because they are the ones destroying this country.

I thought for a while now that Republicans are setting up Pres. Trump to be impeached by removing themselves from Congress, giving way to Democrats to politically hurt the Commander-in-chief.


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