Dem Candidate Claims Trump Is Putting Whistleblower In Harm’s Way

This is why the Democrats chose this “whistleblower” strategy to smear the president. To take advantage of the protections it offers.

The Democrats have called Pres. Trump every name known to man and some not known and when he returns the compliment, they immediately go into victim mode.

Oh, Trump is putting us in danger! Members of the Squad did exactly that. Rep. Joaquin Castro listed all the Trump donors, he didn’t care if he put them in harm’s way. About all this hateful rhetoric about Pres. Trump and his family, day and night by the democrats and the media. How about the danger they put them in. They are below the snake, do you agree?

“The president at this point has been very abusive of the Whistleblower Protection Act and really is basically on the verge of not only revealing the identity or getting somebody else to reveal the identity of the whistleblower, but also bringing harm to that person,” Castro said on CNN.

“It’s getting quite scary, the president’s behavior and his words and what that could conjure up.”

Castro, a member of the House Intelligence Committee and brother of 2020 presidential candidate, Julián Castro, speculated whether someone from within the White House who knows the identity of the whistleblower would “leak” it, but expressed confidence in the protection Congress has given to the informant.

“If you look at the whistleblower’s complaint and the transcript of that phone call, it’s starting to become clear that there was an attempted coverup by the White House of a president abusing his power, betraying his oath of office,” Castro continued.

“And this investigation — every day it seems like there is a new, basically, a path to follow, a new trail to follow and we’re going to do that.” [Fox News]

The name of this story should be creating some garbage to employ do nothing news people and creating some garbage to try and impeach our President because the Democrats know that is their only chance to win in 2020. They have been trying this ever since the election. Why does not the news media discuss the other members on the board of directors of Barista? At least tell us who they are and do any of them have a connection to our CIA.

They’ve Lost Already: Pelosi — Doesn’t Matter If We Lose House Over Impeachment; It Must Be Done

This is why the Democrats chose this “whistleblower” strategy to smear the president. To take advantage of the protections it offers. This was a conspiracy from the beginning. Usually, a whistleblower is a lone individual. This guy was always part of a team with the ultimate goal of undermining the president before the election.

Prove that there even is a “whistleblower”. An anonymous source with second-hand knowledge isn’t credible. All we’ve seen is a letter, obviously written by a partisan lawyer or group of lawyers somewhere in the deep state.

The moment the whistleblower lied in his account, he lost status as a whistleblower. He became a partisan assailant on the Presidency. I don’t care if that so-called whistleblower is harmed.


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