Renowned Historian and Political Expert Victor Davis Hanson Predicts Trump Blowout in 2020 ‘Better Than He Can Imagine’

Renowned historian and political expert Victor Davis Hanson has cut through the Democrat madness, analyzed the latest attempted coup, and now predicts that 2020 will be "even better than Trump can imagine."

When the Democrats get on their political “hit job” high horse, it can feel as if you’re drowning in a nonstop barrage of fake news “bombshells,” calls for Trump to “resign,” and endless hearings.

It can get to you after a while.

The Democrats are good at whipping up chaos-tornados that just suck in life out of the room, and throw everyone into a well-crafted, manufactured tizzy.

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That’s why it’s important to take a moment to come back down to earth, and cut through the manufactured chaos with some much-needed reality.

And I think this story will do that for you.

Renowned historian and political expert Victor Davis Hanson has cut through the Democrat madness, analyzed the latest attempted coup, and now predicts that 2020 will be “even better than Trump can imagine.”

“We are starting to see the outlines of a progressive fantasy on the horizon: Biden will be sacrificed. The party will unite around [Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth] Warren,” Hanson wrote in a Sunday piece for the Center for American Greatness.

“The left-wing media narrative will be, ‘We took out one of our own, now it is your turn to depose Trump.’ Chaos overload for two or three weeks might keep Trump’s polling low,” he adds.

But when all is said and done, he wrote, “Long-term, however, Trump wins.” [Western Journal]

Hanson believes that soon, the investigations into Trump’s enemies will pay off, and turn the narrative around, in a big way.

Coming up is the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s FISA abuses during the 2016 election. There’s little doubt that the report will show that members of the Obama administration abused their power and authority in an effort to take down President Trump.

To what level, and who will be implicated is still anyone’s guess.

The IG report’s findings will be stand toe-to-toe with the flimsy impeachment effort by the Dems, as well as the fraud allegations involving embattled 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden, and his coke-head son Hunter. It will be quite a picture for the American people to take in.

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Hanson goes on to explain exactly what the Dems are choosing to defeat President Trump in Congress, versus at the ballot box, and he really hits the nail right on the head with this observation.

Why aren’t progressive representatives introducing bills to pay reparations to African Americans, to legalize infanticide in some cases of late-term abortion, to offer free medical care to illegal aliens, to confiscate AR-15s, to extend Medicare for all, to impose a wealth tax and raise top rates to between 70 and 90 percent, to abolish student debt and ensure free college for all, or to grant blanket amnesty to those currently living in the country illegally?

Simple answer: none of those issues poll anywhere near 50 percent approval. And no Democratic candidate would expect to beat Trump as the emissary of such an agenda.

If the economy was in a recession, if we were embroiled in another Iraq-like or Vietnam-sort of war, and if Trump’s polls were below 40 percent, then the Democrats would just wait 13 months and defeat him at the polls. [American Greatness]

Hanson goes on to explain, that as it stands now, the Democrats have tried absolutely everything to beat Trump, and failed. This Ukraine charade feels like a desperate “Hail Mary” just before 2020 – a race they know they can’t win.

The Democrats have exhausted every other mechanism for destroying Trump—and they are running out of time before November 2020 election.

Think of what we have witnessed since the 2016 election. Do we even remember charges that voting machines in the 2016 election were rigged, and the efforts to subvert Electoral College voting, or to invoke the Logan Act, the emoluments clause, and the 25th Amendment?

The “collusion” and “obstruction” fantasies of the Mueller investigation now seem like ancient history. So do the James Comey leaks, the palace coup of Andrew McCabe, the Trump tax records, the celebrity rhetoric about blowing up, shooting, stabbing, burning and variously killing off the president of the United States—along with the satellite frenzies of Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Charlottesville, Jussie Smollett, the Covington Kids, and the Kavanaugh hearings.

What is left but to try the new “Ukraine collusion”—especially given three other considerations? [American Greatness]

It’s fair to note, that the reason the Dems are so desperate to win in 2020 is because of the SCOTUS. As we all know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health is failing, she’s getting much older and she will not make it another 4 years on the bench. Her time is up, and that seat is more valuable than all the gold and silver and diamonds in the world to the Democrats.

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See, RBG is a “radical,” – she’s not a mealy milquetoast like say Justice John Roberts is, who has sailed us down the rive on more than one occasion.

And, for the Democrats, to face watching that “radical seat” flipped red and given to a staunch conservative would be a devastating blow that will haunt them for decades to come.

2020 will be a bigger sh*t show than the 2016 election, because the stakes are even higher now.

Pray for President Trump.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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