Report: 28-Year Old Arkansas Woman Says Hunter Biden is Father of Her Baby, Suing For Paternity Test 

Court documents indicate that Hunter has admitted that he is the father privately, but refused to admit it publicly.

Here we go again, another Hunter Biden scandal crops up. Pretty soon we’re going to need an Excel spreadsheet to keep track.

Now, we’re learning that a 28-year-old woman is claiming that Hunter is the father of her 10-month-old baby, and she’s suing for a paternity test.

That would mean that Hunter, who was married and cheating on his wife with his dead brother’s widow, was also cheating on the widow with the 28-year-old from Arkansas, but then left all of them and married the lady from South Africa who he only knew for 10 days…


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Did you get all of that?

You can watch a video about Hunter’s “secret” marriage below:

Court documents indicate that Hunter has admitted that he is the father privately, but refused to admit it publicly.

The young woman’s name is Lunden Roberts, and she’s a former college basketball player now living in Arkansas, but was living in D.C. at the time she met Hunter. She claims that she and Hunter had a relationship, where she got pregnant, and now she wants him to pay up.

Former college basketball player Lunden Roberts filed a petition for paternity and support in May, alleging Biden was the biological father of her one-year-old baby.

Roberts, 28, asked the court to ‘establish paternity’ while seeking child support, health insurance and legal fees. Hunter, 49, has previously denied all allegations and demanded the suit be tossed.

But in court papers filed on Monday, Roberts claims Hunter directly admitted to her that he is the father, but denies it publicly, as she demands again for Hunter to take a paternity test.

In her lawsuit, filed on May 28, Roberts said she and her baby are living in Independence County, Arkansas, which includes both Batesville and Southside.

She said her child was born in August last year. She referred to the infant, now 10 months old, as ‘Baby Doe’ and did not say whether it is a boy or girl. She asked the court to ‘establish paternity of the child, finding that (Biden) is the child’s biological father.’

She also asked the court to order Biden to pay child support and health insurance for the child. [Daily Mail]

Hunter is a Mess: Court Documents: Hunter’s Ex Wife Says He Squandered Money on Hookers and Drugs

Hunter Biden’s personal life, including torrid affairs, massive drug addiction, and hookers, brings into question Biden’s family life.

Hunter is 49-years-old and is behaving like a 16-year-old. Very odd.

Maybe Great-Grandpa Joe should have spent less time in Congress, and more time raising his troubled kid. Very sad.

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