[VIDEO] Pelosi’s Slip-Up on ’60 Minutes’ Proves ‘Ukraine’ is a Coordinated Hit Job Against Trump

Pelosi made a jaw-dropping slip-up during the interview, that now, make it more clear than ever before, that this is a well-coordinated hit job against President Trump.

On Monday, House Republican Conference Chairman Liz Cheney raised a huge red flag, after comments Speaker Pelosi made during an interview with “60 Minutes” on Sunday now prove ‘Ukraine” is a political hit job against Trump.

After watching the show, Cheney wants to know what the Democrats knew about the so-called “whistleblower” complaint before it was made official and public.

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Pelosi made a jaw-dropping slip-up during the interview, that makes it even more clear that this is a well-coordinated hit job against President Trump.

Pelosi appeared on  “60 Minutes” and said this about a conversation she and President Trump regarding the call with Ukraine’s President, BEFORE Trump had released the transcript:

“He told me it was perfect, that there was nothing on the call.”

Okay, no problem with that comment…but hold on, because Pelosi is about to mess up.

She went on to say this right after:

“But, I know what was in the call.

What? Wait. How?

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At this point in the drama, Pelosi would have had zero knowledge of the call, or what was said. Period. End of story.

Pelosi, likely noticing her slip up, quickly corrected herself, and said, “I mean, uh, it was in the public domain.”

No, it wasn’t, Lady. NO IT WAS NOT!

When she and President Trump had that conversation, the call was not in the public domain. He had not yet released the transcript of the call, and there was no way Pelosi would have known what was on the call…unless…she was working with the “whistleblower” team behind the scenes, which would prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this in indeed a political hit job.

And that’s precisely what Liz Cheney wants to know. 

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Now, here’s the next question I have – will the Senate Republicans get their doughy, good-for-nothing butts in gear and start fighting back?

You can watch the video below:

It’s not a shock to anyone who’s paying attention that this is yet another political hit job by the left. They’re famous for these – remember the Russia hoax and Kavanaugh? It’s basically “Dem smear 101.” Text book stuff.

And what’s frustrating is that we have control of the Senate, an we could be countering this impeachment circus with our own investigations, by hauling in Hunter Biden and the fired prosecutor, and grilling them under oath.

But we’re not.

Instead, we have Lindsey Graham going on Sunday talk shows “talking tough.”

Big whoop.

Enough with the talk, we need action. And everyone who agrees with me, needs to start burning up their senators phone lines demanding investigations.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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