10 Striking Reactions from Everyday Americans to House Dems’ Impeachment Hearings

These people spoke honestly about today's event

By Maureen Mackey | November 15, 2019

The House Intelligence Committee on Friday proceeded with its second day of public and televised hearings connected to its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

It’s an effort the group first said was due to a “quid pro quo” the president had allegedly conducted with the president of Ukraine connected to a potential Joe Biden and Hunter Biden investigation and military aid — and which the group is now saying is due to “bribery” on the part of the U.S. president.

Everyday Americans — readers, commenters, online posters and more — have been sharing their reactions in emails, comments, on social media and elsewhere to all of this.

LifeZette shares a selection here from readers.

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And feel free to share your own thoughts as well.

1.) “I base my decisions on facts and reality, not on opinions and hearsay! I have better things to do with my time and I only wish I had some of my tax dollars that are being wasted on this farce!”

2.) “I won’t be watching these hearings. I just wish [Congress] would get back to work.”

3.) “I watched the intro [on Friday], but when [Adam] Schiff opened his mouth with his eyes, I knew I needed to get on my knees and pray.”

4.) “Soooo, no one with a brain is allowed to ask a grown woman, a former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, any ‘difficult’ questions cause she might cry? Go, women.”

5.) “Never been this bored in my life.”

6.) “Fakery, flop, fiasco.”

7.) “Will there be any punishment for [Adam] Schiff or [Nancy] Pelosi for this sham?”

8.) “Don’t watch any of it on TV, no matter your choice of networks. Don’t provide any ratings for this Democrat sham.”

9.) “[People] need to understand the definition of impeachment. Then, they need to understand that the Senate isn’t going to impeach. This charade is a dog-and-pony show. Nothing is going to happen, including the people’s work!”

10.) “Most epic tantrum in history.”

Please share any of your own thoughts below.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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