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Daniel Cameron, Attorney General-Elect of Kentucky: Voters See That Trump Is ‘Making Sure’ They ‘Have Jobs’

By Maureen Mackey | November 7, 2019

Speaking on Wednesday night to Shannon Bream, anchor of Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night” program, Daniel Cameron said, “I absolutely think the issue of pro-life was an incredibly important issue for Kentuckians as they went to the polls [on Tuesday].”

Cameron is the attorney general-elect of Kentucky. He will be the first African-American to hold this role.

Cameron, 33, has worked in private legal practice and was a legal counsel to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

He’s also a former football player for the University of Louisville.

He’ll be the first Republican attorney general in the state in more than 70 years, “a significant achievement,” noted Fox News [1], “as GOP Gov. Matt Bevin trails Democrat Andy Beshear in a tight race in which Bevin has not conceded [yet] but Democrats have declared victory.”

“That was an issue [the pro-life issue] across all the respective statewide offices,” added Cameron in his interview with Bream [2]. “But what I also ran on as the chief law enforcement officer is really, in many ways, reconstituting and renewing the promise to this office to really work closely with our law enforcement community, our commonwealth and county attorneys.”

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“I was really proud to have the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police,” he went on, “which is the largest law enforcement organization here in the commonwealth of Kentucky. So I know that I have an incredible responsibility to make sure that every day that I’m in the attorney general’s office, I’m working for them, advocating on their behalf, and also helping — assisting them in making sure that we’re stemming the tide of the drug epidemic that we have here in the commonwealth.”

Bream pointed out, “Republicans did well in Kentucky in that they cleared almost every race. We’re still waiting to hear what’s going to happen with the governor’s race. But there’s been a lot of focus, of course, on the fact that for now it looks like Gov. Bevin is not going to be re-elected. And this week, [in] an opinion piece [with] the headline ‘Trump’s Kentucky Surprise,’ [the authors] write, ‘This could be a reflection of Trump’s unpopularity in major metropolitan areas. It could also be an indictment of Bevin’s right-wing economic views. Probably it is both’ … What do you think are the lessons going into 2020 from that particular race, if any?”

Cameron responded, “Well, I don’t think this is any repudiation of President Trump. In fact, during the rally the other night on Monday, on November 4, I made the statement that I hope the president understood that he was in Trump country.”

“The commonwealth, in my judgment, by and large has folks here that really like President Trump, like how he’s been fighting on their behalf, making sure that folks have jobs. Look, it’s almost historical in terms of the unemployment rate that we have for Hispanics and African-Americans,” added Cameron.

“They’re the lowest that they’ve ever been in this nation’s history.”

“So, I think there are a lot of people in the commonwealth of Kentucky who are working again who recognize that this president is fighting against socialism, he’s fighting for the men, women, and children of not only Kentucky, but all across the country,” he said. “And so, I think here in the commonwealth we are very pleased with the president.”

Cameron added, “[It’s] unfortunate that we see on the national stage that there are folks like Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi [of California] and others who are trying impeach him. That’s not what Kentuckians want.”

“So, I think in 2020, not only are we going to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, but we’re also going to re-elect Sen. Mitch McConnell as well.”

See the whole interview [2] here — and share your thoughts.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette [4] and is used by permission.

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