GOP Rep. Kevin Brady: ‘Pro-Life Issues Are the Family I Wake Up to Every Day’

In an exclusive interview, the Texas congressman opened up about his personal faith, about key political issues — and about his heartfelt beliefs

By LifeZette Staff | November 16, 2019

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) shared his thoughts about faith, family — and policies that aren’t mere policies for him but are a big part of leading a faithful Christian life for the lawmaker.

“When I first came to Congress, I was very worried about my faith because that’s the town that just eats families up. So if you want to protect your family, you’ve gotta fight for it,” Brady told Reverent Media’s CEO Clay Vaughan during an exclusive interview this month.

“And so, I’ve been blessed,” said the congressman, who represents the 8th Congressional District in Texas.

“My faith has actually grown in Congress. My relationship with Jesus Christ has skyrocketed in Congress, because I’ve surrounded myself with men and women, Christians, who believe as I do, men who hold ourselves — each other — accountable, who keep our faith and our family ahead of politics and of Earth, as we know that’s not where we are of.”

“And as a result, with my Bible study and because of our relationships, because of my faith leaders’ breakfast that we hold regularly, I really feel that strength, that prayer of inspiration,” he said. “I’ve just been really blessed.”

“And I think, too, people would be surprised to know how many members of Congress, and those in the White House — who, as I do — spend a great deal of each day keeping that faith in front of what we do.”

Brady addressed key pro-life issues in this country right now.

“We have a huge battle on pro-life issues. In the past, we’ve always fought for the innocent unborn. Now, we’re actually fighting for the innocent born,” said Brady. “These new state laws that allow a baby that’s born from a botched abortion actually to get no medical attention, to die there — it’s just seems beyond anything we ever thought we’d have to fight.”

“Whether you are strongly pro-life, as I am, or pro-choice, certainly we can agree that that baby deserves the same medical attention as everyone else.”

Despite that brutal and tragic reality of infanticide in some places, he noted that he is “really proud” of what’s happening “in the states where we are fighting for the innocent born, against all of this, and movements like 40 Days for Life — that prayer, that loving, that fasting — that has changed thousands of lives.”

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Overall, “my view is we are winning this battle for pro-life, for the innocent unborn. But it is a fight every day,” he indicated — and people of faith clearly must stay engaged and committed to that fight.

Brady added an important addendum: “Pro-life isn’t a position for me. It’s my family,” said Brady. “My wife and I had no luck getting pregnant. But the Lord blessed us with two boys — two adopted boys — because two women, in two very difficult situations, chose life.”

“And they created a family where none existed. And so, the pro-life policies are the family I wake up to each day,” he said.

Brady also shared his thoughts on what this next year might bring as the country gears up for another presidential election during a highly fraught and divided time in the culture.

“I don’t know that we’ve ever seen an election where the stakes for the country are any higher than this,” said Brady.

He noted that attacks on President Donald Trump started virtually from the moment the president was elected in November 2016.

There are people in this country who “have never accepted his presidency … And now we have the impeachment [hearings], and we know what this is about,” said Brady. “It’s about taking him down by any means necessary. It’s about overturning the will of 60 million Americans.”

“It’s wrong,” he said in no uncertain terms. “We need to stand with the president. We need to stand with values and faith and security as a country — and our freedoms.”

“That’s what we’re fighting for.”

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This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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