A Dead Voter is Still a Good Voter if They Vote Democrat

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an election integrity group, found voter irregularities in Detroit last year after going through their list, including thousands of dead people still being registered to vote.

By Liberty Paige | February 17, 2020

The fact that there is a fight to keep dead people on the voter rolls in Detroit makes you wonder how desperate Democrats are to keep every voter that they possible can, whether breathing or not. And, as always, they are saying that any attempts to purge the voter rolls of inaccuracies is actually racist.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an election integrity group, found voter irregularities in Detroit last year after going through their list, including thousands of dead people still being registered to vote.

George Azzouz, Detroit’s director of Elections, was requested by PILF to fully inspect the voter rolls but he ignored them. PILF has sued the city in federal court because they fear the errors in the voter rolls could lead to voter fraud in upcoming elections. 

PILF claims that because the city isn’t properly cleaning up their voter rolls, they currently contain typos, 2,503 dead people, 2,788 duplicate registrations and other mistakes.

Seems pretty cut and dried. If you’re not alive, you shouldn’t be registered to vote, right? It really shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Or an issue about race either. However, liberal groups are defending the city against having to clean up the voter rolls and adhere to the National Voter Registration Act.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan and its Detroit chapter filed a motion to intervene for the city. A progressive policy institute at New York University School of Law, The Brennan Center for Justice, will help the League fight the lawsuit. The law firm, Paul Weiss, out of New York has signed on to the motion. Former Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch is a partner in that firm.

The League of Women Voters? So I guess besides the lawsuit being racist, it’s also sexist? 

I guess the rights of dead women voters are being suppressed. How horrible. 

Purging the voter rolls of inaccuracies is definitely racist according to Michigan’s Democrat Party’s Executive Director, Christy Jenson. She says to claim the city of Detroit registers dead people to vote is a “direct attack on people of color.”

Hm… I’m not exactly sure how having accurate voter rolls is an attack on anyone except people who intend to fraudulently vote during an election. The Democrats are claiming that the issue came up just to get website clicks and so that voters in Detroit won’t have as much confidence in upcoming elections.

But the truth is, if Detroit would have done their job to begin with and had not violated the National Voter Registration Act, this issue wouldn’t have come up at all, there wouldn’t have been a lawsuit and we wouldn’t be reading about this story on the internet.

Some of you might remember that after the 2016 Presidential election, a Wayne County canvass showed a large number of discrepancies in the number of ballots and voters in 393 Detroit precincts. The audit showed no pervasive voter fraud, but they found hundreds of questionable votes. Four years later, Detroit is in no hurry to get their voter rolls accurate.

Looks like the Dems have a lot of this type of thing going on thanks to funding by Democrat donor, George Soros. They are pushing back on any attempts of Republicans to bring integrity and accuracy into the elections including things like enacting any more voter ID laws.

When you look through the non-profits involved in squashing efforts to have free and fair elections, there are usually Obama and Clinton people running the show. 

Hey, everyone has to have a job, right? And setting up their party to be able to cheat and interfere in the 2020 elections seems to be their number one job lately whether it’s through election lawsuits, spying on the President, framing the President or trying to impeach him.

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