Wuhan Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories, Questions and Pet Peeves

Why aren't the Senate rules being changed so that quarantined Senators can vote remotely?

So I have some questions and thoughts to discuss…irritations and conspiracy theories. Some of
these have been rolling around in my head and some I have seen on social media. Food for thought.
Take them as seriously as you want to.

1. Why aren’t the Senate rules being changed so that quarantined Senators can vote
remotely? Do we have to wait until Democrat senators get the Wuhan coronavirus to change the
rules? If Democrats were in charge of the Senate, this rule would have been changed already.
Democrat Senator Dick Durbin and Republican Senator Rob Postman have a resolution to change
the standing rules which requires senators to show up in person to vote but 78-year-old Senator Mitch
McConnell doesn’t like the idea. 79-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t interested in remote
voting either.

Dear elderly McConnell and Pelosi: wake up and live in the 21st century.

It’s pretty ridiculous that our legislator are still going to Washington DC in person instead of doing
things remotely. With politicians, it’s always do what we say, not what we do. We are supposed to stay
at home, but not them.

2. The obvious. We need a cure – and fast. This whole new reality we live in is not going to stop
until we have a cure. We need a vaccine too but the cure is the main thing. So you have to ask
yourself why Democrats are slamming anything that looks like a cure? Liberal rats like George
Conway were all giddy on Twitter when they thought that they found someone who took chloroquine
on Trump’s advice and died. It turned out that the person ingested fish tank cleaner that contained
chloroquine phosphate.

But why was Conway so excited to tell people that a potential cure didn’t work? Could it be that the
Democrats want this pandemic to go on through the election so they can capitalize on it? Or do they
hate Trump so much that some Democrats don’t care about sick Americans?

3. Why is there such an over-reaction to this virus? Why does the response to the Wuhan
coronavirus appear disproportionate to the threat? A lot of people are wondering this.

Is there something we are not being told about how the virus is spread? With more than 436,000
cases worldwide, does it make sense that there are THAT many rude people who were sneezing and
coughing on each other? Or coughing into their hands and touching door handles? Or spitting on
people? Could there be other ways the virus is being transmitted that we don’t know about?

If you look at the WHO website about how this virus is spread, you see the word “may” in their
information. So even after a few months, they still don’t know basic information. Where are the
experiments and tests? We should have more factual data by now.

The Wuhan coronavirus doesn’t seem to compare to some other viruses with millions infected, many
more hospitalized and many more deaths. So why the freakout?

Yes,the numbers will continue to climb without a cure but I still contend that we aren’t getting all of the
information – or for some reason every country out there is seriously lagging behind with their data
collection and analysis.

4. How many of you think that China did this on purpose? Seems like China has a lot to gain at
the end of all this by selling goods to the world when others can’t produce them because they’ve lost
workers and businesses.

The China economy was in the tank and Trump was winning the trade war. If they had to sacrifice
several thousands of their own citizens, that wouldn’t be a problem for them. And whoever is left will
be forced to work in the factories and get their economy going again.

Right now, China is saying they aren’t having any new infections. We all know that is a lie. But what
are they up to? Are they lying about the number of infections, are they killing people or do they have a
cure? And if they have a cure, have they had it all along to use at the “right” time when the rest of the
world’s economy is suffering?

5. How many of you think that the Democrats are fear-mongering and closing things down on
purpose to bring down the economy and try to destroy the president’s chances in the election? In the
meantime, they can get as many of their policies enacted as possible. And they can let prisoners go
while at the same time shutting down gun stores. And they can threaten to shut off the water and
electricity of chosen businesses they want. Lately, it seems like the Democrats can do just about
anything they want to do to us and it’s not being challenged.

We are living in crazy times and we see certain things going on that don’t make sense and don’t seem
like coincidences. We also know that Democrats ALWAYS take advantage of times like this so we
need to keep our eyes open and question everything – especially as they continue to trample over the
Constitution and our rights.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on March 26, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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