NYC police retiring at record rate

They are being sold out by liberal politicians.

A wave of NYPD officers has filed for retirement over the last week in reaction to the anti-cop violence escalating daily in New York City and the wholesale abandonment of the city’s police department by Marxist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. As such, the Big Rotten Apple is returning to scenes of lawless mayhem and a Lord of the Flies existence city residents have not seen in NYC since the 1970s.

The NYPD told media Saturday that 272 officers have filed for retirement between George Floyd’s death and June 23. That represents a 49 percent increase over the same period in 2019. During this time officers have been shot at, firebombed, spat upon, and worse by rioters backed and given support by the mayor and other city politicians. As the situation deteriorated and more police were needed, the mayor joined the “defund the police” movement.

Resignations and actual retirements have remained relatively stable with 135 retirements in 2020 and 131 during the same time last year. According to the NYPD, that’s because the recent filings haven’t been processed yet. When they are, the numbers will reach record rates and will leave massive holes in department manpower, precincts, and support staff. With the murder rate also up, as criminals know the police are losing manpower, thousands of NYC residents are planning on moving.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told the New York Post that police officers were at their “breaking point.” Lynch said, “We are all asking the same question: ‘How can we keep doing our job in this environment?’ And that is exactly what the anti-cop crowd wants. If we have no cops because no one wants to be a cop, they will have achieved their ultimate goal.”

Scenes like this are being repeated all over the country, as rioters know anti-cop measures are being pushed by Democrats and their Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa allies. On the national stage, Democrats have passed in the House the kind of police reform bill that Antifa and the BLM will applaud and, if made law, will use to further destabilize cities across America.

Democrat Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) said of her bill, “This is a victory for our entire country. For far too long, Black Americans have endured systemic racism and discrimination — especially from police. Congress may have written this bill, but the people own it. Now that this historic bill has passed the House, we call upon our colleagues in the Senate to commit to a good faith negotiation on the provisions put forward by the House in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”

Bass said this as reports are being evaluated that Chinese and other foreign players, as this publication has regularly alleged, have been at the forefront of logistical and financial support for rioters in many major cities since the George Floyd shooting.

Verified reports of bricks, pavement stones, Molotov cocktails, baseball bats, and other weapons being prepositioned for rioters are being examined by the Department of Justice. Also, riot coordinators have been caught on camera handing out $150 to each rioter at various locations.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on June 28, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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