President Trump’s Executive Orders Continuing some Pandemic Relief are Correct

I'm not a fan of executive orders

A strange thing happened on my way to sleep last night, and I’ve been getting contacts all day congratulating me for it. Apparently my friends think the President of the United States retweeted one these tweets:

Technically, I guess you could call it a retweet, but what really happened is @realdonaldtrump did retweet @drawandstrike who had quote tweeted me.

That’s all well and good, blowing up my twitter feed with leftis bots and other side-benefits, but why is it important?

Here’s why: Americans need to know where the constitutional government operating under our consent is weakening itself, that is why. In this case, a President is now comfortable signing executive orders that might not be constitutional. Presidents don’t sign things they think will be overturned, it just doesn’t happen so what happened Saturday with the signing of executive orders to provide Pandemic Relief continuation outside of Congress, is very significant. Our government’s failure to operate within the constitution, each branch of it, is and has been taking a toll on liberty, our liberty, for decades and now we have arrived at a place all of us should be concerned about.

When the three branches of our constitutional government don’t hold each other accountable, overreach by one or the other, is the inevitable result. Was President Trump’s action Saturday overreach? I don’t think so because of two facts. Those are that a foreign adversary unleashed the China Virus on us, and two, that puts us in a state of national emergency (some might even argue a state of war exists) and Presidents have very broad powers during these times.

What we should expect is that the other two branches of government  will act as checks and balances, but they have consistently failed in that role. The latest was the ineffectual decision from the US Supreme Court on DACA, preventing the sitting president from revoking a previous president’s executive action, never legislated by Congress.

That is the bottom line of why we are here at this moment and the failure is only the latest failure over at least 120 years if not more, that has slowly eroded the government we consent to rule our land. Whether right or wrong, President Trump is only following the the rules of the game laid down for him. We, the consenting citizens, need to take action to end this cycle before we completely lose our unique government that has done more good for more people than any in history. If we don’t start acting consistently at the ballot box soon, the government we deserve is the government we will keep getting, and it will be less recognizable each day as a constitutional republic that protects our liberty.

This piece was written by Col. Rob Maness on August 9, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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