BREAKING: Media Lies in Breonna Taylor Case Exposed by Grand Jury

Propagandists shouldn't be working in journalism

Today, Daniel Cameron, the Kentucky Attorney General put to rest several lies and and pieces of disinformation being reported by the mainstream media over the last six months said this in his press conference announcing the Grand Jury decision not to indict any of the three officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting.

Lie #1 – The warrant in the Taylor case was a “No Knock Warrant”

Fact according to the AG: The warrant in Breonna Taylor case was not a “no knock” warrant. He added the officers involved testified to this fact and that they announced and knocked in the execution of the warrant. Their testimony was corroborated by a civilian witness.

But wait … hasn’t pubic reporting stated it was a “no knock” warrant for months? Here is an example from USA Today:

Louisville detective who obtained no-knock warrant for Breonna Taylor’s apartment reassigned

The warrant was issued and executed as a knock and announce warrant on Taylor’s apartment and reporting this falsehood has incited riots.

Lie #2 – Taylor was shot while laying in bed

The Louisville Journal Courier reported that various social media posts and media reports have said Louisville police gunned down Taylor as she was asleep in bed.

Truth: Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine played partial recordings of police interviews with Walker during a May 22 news conference in which Walker told police that he and Taylor were watching a movie in bed — it was “watching them more than we were watching it,” he said — when they heard a loud bang at the door, scaring both of them. Both Walker and Taylor got out if bed and were in the hallway when the police came through the door.

Lie #3 – The police officer shot in the raid was hit by friendly fire, not by Walker shooting at him

Truth: The investigation revealed the officer was hit by a 9mm bullet, the caliber of weapon Walker fired. All the officers were firing .40 caliber handguns.

These lies have continued to contribute to enraged mobs rioting in Louisville and Taylor’s death being used in other riots and violence across the country, causing up to $2 Billion in property damage and several deaths.

This piece was written by Col. Rob Maness on September 23, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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