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BREAKING:Possible ANTIFA Member Arrested For Starting Fires In Southern Oregon.

The city of Puyallup Police department in southern Oregon, Arrested a 36yr old Puyallup resident named Jeffrey Alan Acord today for suspicion of arson, Acord is a known activist, who was arrested in the Ferguson riots for possession of a concealed weapon without a permit, carrying a knife, and illegal possession of fireworks. Live-streamed himself at the scene of a fire.

A joint task force between WSP, Fife Pd, and Puyallup PD decided after looking at the evidence there was enough evidence for an arrest.

What’s crazy is there have been rumors among locals in southern Oregon that ANTIFA is responsible for these fires. They believe they are starting them to make some kind of climate change argument become reality. (Sources say)

As updates come out on this story I will relay them to all of you.

This piece was written by Mike on September 10, 2020. It originally appeared in TheBiggsReport.com [9] and is used by permission.

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