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Leftist Set Up Checkpoints Demanding People Say “Black Lives Matter”

The left is no longer satisfied with taking over America’s streets, highways, and neighborhoods as they preach their supposed progressive message. They attack the police then cry when an officer is late to an emergency. Well, it appears now the left is setting up makeshift tolls around Portland, demanding people say “Black Lives Matter” before being allowed to pass.

Another Portland/leftists story – not surprising, but what is is how threatening the mob of leftists were to strangers they didn’t know. Without asking the people a single question, the mob descended on the truck and demanded the people inside say “Black Lives Matter”. It’s unknown if the two gentlemen said it at first, but if they did – the mob wasn’t satisfied.

One member of the mob yelled, “Say f***ing Black Lives Matter right now!” while the men looked more shocked and confused as to what was happening. Both men say repeatedly that they said the BLM phrase but the members couldn’t hear them over their own cries.

The clip below shows the altercation between the leftist mob and the two innocent bystanders who wanted nothing more than to pass.

In the end, the mob was satisfied with the men’s enthusiasm for BLM and let them pass. But not everybody was so willing to forgive as the same truck was later seen with its passenger window busted out (Pictured Below).

The driver of the car was seen running up and down the street, trying to find the people who damaged his property. Onlookers watched as he yelled, “Who did this? You f***ing pussy! Who did it?”

With the left being unchecked, places like Portland are going to spread to other cities. It is already happening. Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas have all seen riots and looting happening in result to the BLM movement. It was already reported that over 60% of Americans fear that the riots will reach their cities.

While the Democrats continue to blame President Trump instead of their voter base, the problem will only continue. President Trump has given a solution, “Law and Order” – simple and effective, yet the left calls it extreme because it doesn’t allow them a safe space. It should be noted, nowhere does the constitution guarantee a person a “safe space”.



This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 22, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com [9] and is used by permission.

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