Georgetown Professor Says Biden “Isn’t The Biden That Many Of Us Saw”

With so many stories surrounding Joe Biden and his numerous blunders, it’s surprising that people would still want to vote for him. It’s even more surprising that the Democrats would pick a man who is clearly in mental decline to run for office. With over 20 candidates, why would the Democrats put it all on Biden instead of someone like Kamala Harris? Well, according to a colleague of Biden, he isn’t the man they all once knew.

Earlier this week, Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley sat down with Fox News’ Hannity to talk about his time with Joe Biden. Turley couldn’t understand what has happened to the Biden he once knew. He said, “I had a lot of respect when he was in the Senate and I find this all rather strange because the Biden that many of us saw in the Senate was very popular because he would speak to you straight up, particularly when it came to constitutional matters. He had a Northstar that you could rely on. This is not the Joe Biden that many of us saw in the Senate.”

As for Turley himself, he told Hannity that he grew up in a Democratic family from Chicago. While most of his family is Democrat, Turley can’t sit by while the liberals try to push an incoherent Biden into the White House. Since then, Turley has changed to an independent and finds Biden’s stance on Court Packing to be baffling.

When the subject of Biden’s court-packing allegations came up, Turley said, “The most unnerving thing about these plans is that this country is already divided. We’ve never needed the Supreme Court more, the Supreme Court is an extraordinary institution that, as President Jackson said, ‘it has no army.’”

Turley went on to note past Presidents who have yielded to the Supreme Court because of its vast power. He claims the Supreme Court, “has credibility, because it has authority. If you pack the court, you lose that.”

For those wondering, Turley first made headlines during the Trump impeachment hearings when he claimed the whole process was too quick and lacked sufficient evidence. Since then, Turley has not only been blacklisted from the Democratic party but has also received death threats from party supporters.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 14, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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