Joy Behar Slams Wolf Blitzer For Contentious Pelosi Interview – ‘Wolfy, Calm Down’

Yesterday, we reported that CNN hosts Wolf Blitzer’s interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi derailed after he dared to question her on why she has not passed a new stimulus bill amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The next morning, Joy Behar rushed to her beloved Speaker’s defense while discussing the interview on “The View.”

Behar let loose on Blitzer, criticizing him for grilling Pelosi on why Democrats have not accepted a $1.8 trillion stimulus offer from Republicans.

“I love Wolf,” she said. “Who doesn’t love Wolf? We all love Wolf. But he was out of line. He doesn’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. He’s not in on the deal.”

Behar was then interrupted by her husband bizarrely blocking the camera in a moment that suggested that he is just as buffoonish and incompetent as his wife is. Once the show got back on track, Behar resumed her attack on Blitzer.

“[Blitzer is] saying, ‘Let’s give people $1,200,’” Behar said. “That’s nothing. In two weeks they’ll be back in the same position that they’re in. The Democrats have a real long-term deal going on. And we all know we’re going to be in this for another year. We all know that. Where’s the money for a year? That’s the question. So Wolfy, calm down. And let Nancy do her job.”

Behar’s cohost Sara Haines, however, was not having any of it. She took the opposite side that Behar did, arguing that Pelosi was in the wrong.

“I found the exchange very frustrating because right now, we live in a time where we can’t question an idea?” Haines said. “If you question an idea, you are immediately excused as an apologist for everything the other side stands for. And CNN, by the way, they are not apologists for Trump, if you’ve watched them. So that didn’t make much sense.”

“Right now, any stimulus coverage is better than nothing,” she added. “And if Wolf Blitzer doesn’t understand the intricacies of what she’s talking about, take the interview to explain some of that to the voters and citizens as well, rather than getting snarky and dismissing it. Because he was asking tough questions, and a good idea should be able to withstand question and challenge. And she did not prove to handle that very well.”

Unsurprisingly, the other hosts of “The View” were quick to make excuses for Pelosi just like Behar did. Sunny Hostin defended her by saying it must be difficult to explain how complicated the GOP stimulus offer is in a quick television interview, while Whoopi Goldberg claimed that Pelosi may have been frustrated that she was being accused of holding up talks after spending weeks trying to get Republicans to come to the table.

It must be nice to have the media on your side.

This piece was written by James Samson on October 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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