Meet Joe Biden’s Corrupt Son-In-Law

The name Sleepy Joe has come to solidify the entire persona of presidential nominee Joe Biden, but the past week has proven he does little sleeping as his son was busy selling time with the former VP to Ukrainian businessmen. While the email scandal of Hunter Biden is in the media spotlight, there is another member of the Biden family who might be silently profiting off of the COVID pandemic that has killed over one million people.

Introducing the new problem child within the Biden regime – Howard Krein. While the name might not be that familiar, it’s because Krein is the son-in-law of the Democrat nominee. So, what makes Krein so interesting other than his taste is politician’s daughters? Maybe the fact that he gives daily COVID briefings to Biden while owning a considerable stake in a venture capital business looking to invest in COVID relief aid.

That’s right, the once 53-year-old head and neck surgeon just so happened to get into venture investing shortly after he started to date Biden’s daughter back in 2010. Skip forward a decade and now Krein has positioned himself to make a fortune off of companies that are fighting the coronavirus.

What makes the story so interesting is how Biden is taking advice from his son-in-law, who will make millions and millions of dollars off one of the worst pandemics in history. The company behind Krein is StartUp Health and they boasted weeks ago about an initiative to invest $1 million across 10 startups within 30 days. The only requirement is the company must be actively fighting the coronavirus.

First reported by Politico, the firm behind Krein said, “StartUp Health is putting the full support of its platform and network behind building a post-Covid world that uses technology and entrepreneurial ingenuity to improve health outcomes.”

While the statement certainly makes one feel like they have America’s best interest in mind, Krein has positioned himself to dictate how the country fights the coronavirus. Biden has already proven he is out of his depth when it comes to potentially being President. Even the campaign trail has been too much for the veteran politician as his wife and handlers are busy shuttling him around.

With Biden’s constant lying and his son’s Ukrainian deals, we can only speculate just how far and corrupt the Biden family goes. It seems that holding office means little more to Sleepy Joe than a “pay to play” scheme to make the Biden family even richer.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 16, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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