Pelosi’s Mansion Not Very Socialist

She talks one way but lives another.

There’s an old communist joke that says Soviet dictator Nikita Khruschev’s very elderly mother visits the Kremlin. He shows her around trying to impress her with his success. But she just looks concerned. Finally he says to her,”Mother, I have shown you my overwhelming prestige and power and still you look worried. Why?” She whispers back, “But Nikita, what if the communists come back?” And that brings us to Nancy Pelosi. If Antifa and Black Lives Matter ever turn on her and pay a visit to her palatial San Francisco mansion, they will likely bring a guillotine with them.

Lara Logan and FNC actually did paid a visit. “The House Speaker’s mansion is ‘as far removed from life under socialism as you could imagine,’ Logan says, standing outside the multi-story brick home…Pelosi’s net worth is among the highest in Congress, estimated at more than $100 million. Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is worth approximately $6 million and owns three homes, including a luxury apartment not far from Pelosi’s San Francisco digs, Logan observed.

“The super-wealthy, like Harris and Pelosi, are always exempt from the socialist policies they push on everyone else,’ Logan argued. ‘And because of the enormous wealth in Silicon Valley, the center of power in California has shifted from Los Angeles to San Francisco’…Pelosi’s wealth came under focus in April, after she showcased her collection of gourmet ice cream in her pricey freezer during national coronavirus shutdowns. The Trump campaign released an ad at the time that juxtaposed the top Democrat’s lifestyle with news that Americans were waiting for ‘hours’ at food banks, and highlighted how Democrats rejected a coronavirus relief package.”


The riches of the socialist elite will only increase under a Biden administration. Wealthy communists during the Soviets era had secret Swiss accounts. Wealthy authoritarian socialists in a potential Biden era won’t have to go to all that bother. Neither the media nor their party will condemn them for living like royalty while most of America spirals into inflation, high unemployment, and rising interest rates. As was the slogan in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,”  “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 15, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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