Trump Again To Face Biased Moderator

It's the Trump campaign's own fault.

For a president who has seemed to have little patience with incompetence, whoever on the Trump campaign team that agreed to the set of debate moderators has been spared a public dressing down by the president. In private, who knows.

But the Trump campaign or the president himself caterwauling about the bias of the moderators is like a guy entering a used car lot, buying the worst junker there, then complaining that is doesn’t run right.

All four of these moderators were a mess. Wallace is hereditarily anti-Trump. Well, we have heard about Scully. Guthrie thought she was the Democrat nominee. And Welker? Let OAN fill us in.

“New concerns have emerged regarding the next debate moderator, Kristen Welker, and her alleged ties to the Democrat Party. Reports about the moderator’s alleged Democrat bias broke in recent days, prompting outrage from supporters of the President. This came several days after the second debate moderator, Steve Scully, was also discovered to have a significant left-leaning bias.”

It’s been revealed that her family has given thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and even Joe Biden. That was easily researched before the Republicans agreed to her. But nah, they agreed anyway.

Welker also works for NBC, who for at least two generations has been the most leftist of the major television networks. They’ve been trashing Republicans viciously at least back to Reagan. Wasn’t any of that a hint to GOP debate negotiators?

If the Trump campaign strategy is to provide a press foil for the president, it’s a dumb strategy, as the real target is Joe Biden. The moderators are leftist bait, but Trump has hardly bit. Good. Then why, from a GOP standpoint, are these biased moderators there if you’re not going to really rake them over the coals?

Didn’t the Trump campaign have any imagination? Couldn’t they have suggested a panel of both conservatives and leftists? Or perhaps two debates moderated by leftists, two by conservatives. If the Commission on Presidential Debates would have balked then walk away. Wasn’t it Trump who wrote in “The Art of the Deal” that you shouldn’t enter any negotiation you’re not ready to walk away from? So then, what gives here?

This handicap will be especially pronounced Thursday in Nashville. The Democrats know this is for all the marbles. Thus the president will have two debate opponents. Biden will be given softballs by Welker and the president will be asked when he last pistol whipped a blind kitten.

If the Democrats can beat the president in Nashville they can go into the last ten days with the wind at their backs. If there was an unbiased or conservative moderator at play they wouldn’t have that opportunity in Tennessee.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 19, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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