BIDEN: Mask Mandate For ALL

Let it be known that the election is still ongoing. People forget that back in 2000, Ale Gore was to be the next President of the United States. But the world would come to remember George Bush as the man who won. That is because the courts ruled in favor of Bush. But since Joe Biden wants to act like the President-elect, he is already instituting several COVID-19 mandates. The first one – Masks for everybody!

Doubling down on what Joe Biden claimed, his future Chief of Staff, Ron Klain said, “It’s a very grave situation. Back in September, then-candidate Joe Biden warned America was headed to a very dark winter if the administration didn’t step up its action. And the very first business day of his transition on Monday of this week, the president-elect met with his COVID task force and made a public statement afterward where he called on all Americans to mask up.”

Forcing an entire nation to wear masks and social distancing has already been done. It didn’t work. COVID-19 is still here. Joe Biden also wants to throw America into another lockdown that could last up to six weeks. If that were to happen, the economy could not last. Even the President begged the people during his last debate not to shut the economy down. The America we love and cherish lives off of economy and without it – we crumble.

According to Klain, Biden is already urging, “governors to impose masking mandates now and reiterated the fact when he becomes president, he will impose one on a nationwide basis.”

Again, it starts with a mask mandate for all, and when that fails, which it has and will, then they will plant us into another lockdown that could last as long as the first one. But don’t worry, the Democrats said they had a plan in place that would help put food on the tables for millions of families. Although they have yet to give specific details on what the plan would look like. And it was the Democrats who halted plans on the second round of stimulus checks, so who really has our best interest in mind?

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on November 16, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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