Biden To Resurrect Dangerous Iran Nuke Deal

This administration will sell out our allies in a millisecond.

The Biden administration is planning to revivify the dead Iran Nuclear Treaty. This will give Iran the ability to manufacture and deploy nuclear weapons in two years. This is a dagger pointed at the heart of our allies in the region, especially Israel. The Israelis may not stand for it and take action. Thus by his cowardly gullibility, Joe Biden could bring war, perhaps nuclear war, to the Middle East. The Israeli Ambassador understands the threat.

Newsmax: “Israel’s Ambassador to the United States strongly urged Joe Biden not to re-enter the so-called Iran nuclear deal as he promised during the presidential campaign, saying to do so would be a ‘mistake.’ Miami-born and raised Ron Dermer, 49, who moved to Israel and became a citizen in the late 1990s, made his comments during a panel discussion in Washington hosted by the Economic Club with his counterparts from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.”

Dermer: “I think it would be a mistake and hopefully he will look at the Middle East as it is, he will see the benefits of [the normalization] process, of how he can continue that process, and I think to not go back into the same deal…The first thing I would say to the incoming administration: ‘Sit with your allies in the region. Listen to us. We have the most skin in the game. We have the most to lose. Speak to us. Try to work out a common position, which I think is possible, not only to do with nuclear issues but also to deal with the regional aggression of Iran.’ ”

LifeZette sources in Israel agree. Anonymity was given when requested. “All I would be able to say is that quite clearly Iran NEVER carried out the terms of the agreement. Anyone who believes they did or would in the future is either a fool or wilfully blind. And Obama put in the ‘sunset clause’ so they would be able to manufacture nuclear weapons in the future,” said an anonymous source.

From an analyst with Israel’s military intelligence service: “The deal was doomed from the beginning. It entailed a very weak inspections regime that relies almost entirely on Iran’s disproven honesty and never brought enrichment to a total halt. Much worse, the deal has a shelf life after which Iran can pursue whichever nuclear ambitions it wants. To date the most effective measures have been international sanctions and covert actions against the program. A reinstatement of the nuclear deal in the future will certainly lead to an escalation of regional conflict, as sanctions are lifted and Israel and America’s Sunni Arab allies are pushed into a corner.”

Zahava Englard Shapiro, Israeli author and political commentator: “The Iranian government is the chief architect of global terror. Full stop. It is naïve to believe that a murderous regime seeks only a peaceful nuclear energy program, and all evidence in fact points to the contrary. It is, therefore, not a regime with which to make deals or to indulge. Rather, it is one that must be sanctioned and dealt with accordingly, as a rogue country that threatens world security, and one that promises to wipe Israel off the map. Despite false claims by the Obama administration, the Iran deal does not protect the world from the mullahs’ nuclear pursuits. Cancelling economic sanctions against Iran is counterproductive, to say the least.”

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 17, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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