Black GOP Congressman Credits Trump

We told you.

In a phenomenon this publication pointed out months ago, Byron Donalds, the new Republican congressman from Florida’s 19th Congressional District, credits President Trump’s gains with black voters to his “swag.”

It’s true, whether some won’t admit it. Black and latin voters, being more socially traditional and conservative, prefer strong males to soy boys and thus favor the president over his sissified Democrat counterparts.

“In the Black community, swag is a factor,” Donalds told FNC. “Love him or hate him, the man’s got swag. He knows what he wants. He doesn’t apologize for it. And he’s going to go get it.”

Donalds won in a crowded Republican primary field and is one of only two black Republicans in the House. He wants to take on The Squad and wants a badass name to do it with. Voltron or the Thundercats are first on his list. Okay, we like this guy. Can you imagine walking corpse boring liberal media types having to refer to “Voltron” on a regular basis? Yeah, that rocks.

“I gotta see if my colleagues have enough swag to do that,” Donalds quipped. “I love my colleagues, but you know swag is the thing. If you want to have, you know, credibility in the street. You got to be able to walk the walk.” Just like the president. The Man has swag.


“I’m everything the fake news media tells you doesn’t exist: a strong Trump-supporting, gun-owning, liberty-loving, pro-life, politically incorrect Black man,” Donalds said in a campaign spot. And indeed, he ruins the leftist narrative bigly. He will be joined in the House by fellow black Republican and former NFL player Burgess Owens. Owens won the chance to plague Nancy Pelosi after his win against Democratic incumbent Rep. Ben McAdams in Utah. Both of these Republicans are destined to be political stars.

“Two is better than one,” Donalds said. “… It shows black America that there is room for us in both parties. And I think it’s important that black America understands and realizes that.”

Does he feel targeted because of his race and party, “It is a burden,” Donalds said. “Post-election I felt the burden. Because it’s having to carry the mantle for a wave in political thought in our community which is not the dominant political thought. In some respects, you are being a pioneer. And so when you happen to step out there and stand, yeah, you feel the weight of that. And also the other part is if you screw it up — what does that do to all the people coming up behind you…What prepared me for politics was actually growing up in the streets. You got to be able to assess everybody fast, make a quick decision. [And] you always have to watch your back.”

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 16, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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