Is Dan Bongino Leaving Fox News?

On a recent Dan Bongino podcast, he said he had a decision to make soon that would affect the rest of his life. 

On a recent Dan Bongino podcast, he said he had a decision to make soon that would affect the rest of his life. 

On his podcast titled “No Surrender” that started on Friday and ended on Saturday after he had a surgical procedure, Bongino discussed the political street fight that we are in and how we need to stay in the fight. 

He admonished silent republicans who are not sticking up for Trump (or the country) after riding his coattails to win their elections. Bongino promised to remember those who were silent during this struggle. They won’t have an easy ride the next time they try to get elected. None of us will forget the silence.

Bongino also lambasted the swamp creatures who are giving bad advice to the president to give up the fight. He said they don’t care about Trump or about us and want to get a cable news deal or preserve their reputation by separating from Trump.

One such person who is always doing that is Senator and losing presidential candidate Mitt Romney who told CNN (of course he talked to CNN) that there is no widespread election fraud. 

Really, Romney? Have you seen the affidavits from the people involved? Have any of the cases gone to court yet? Has there been a discovery process? Have you looked at the hundreds of unconstitutional election decisions that have been made in court this year to help the democrats steal the election? No.

Bongino said we’re not giving up and that “when we count every legal vote, we’ll wrap it up.”

Then he got into an area of the show where you could see he was visibly upset with Fox News. When talking about Nevada and the vote count he said, “…but unlike others at other places, I’m not going to call something I don’t know about…stew on that for a moment..”

He went on to say, “the decision desk at Fox should immediately retract their call of Arizona…the Fox News decision desk is making a huge mistake not retracting..I don’t know what it is… I don’t know if it’s pride…”

Looking a big distraught, he continued, “I was up all night last night…woke up at three o’clock…I have some really important decisions to make in my life right now (not related to health stuff)…. I’m talking about something else…. 

I would really appreciate your prayers for guidance and strength right now…I have some early important decisions to make…decisions about where can I and should I…what are the best ways to make a difference…where can I make the most positive difference for the country…to move the liberty train back to the station…”

He continued, “Having said that, Fox cannot call Arizona…if Fox News is the first cable news outlet to call the presidency for Joe Biden before he won, it will be devastating. It’ll be a catastrophically bad decision…if that gets me in trouble, then so be it.”

As it happened, Fox News did call the election for Biden but not before CNN, the AP and MSNBC. The leftist cable news networks just couldn’t wait anymore for Fox News to do it because they had celebrations planned so they finally threw in the towel and did it themselves.

Because Bongino talked about the important decision he has to make to make along with his disappointment with Fox News, I’m guessing that he’s considering jumping networks or using his time to do something more important. Something different perhaps?

With what’s going on in the country and his health scare, I’m sure he’s re-evaluating his role in politics right now and how he can better serve the cause of freedom.


This piece was written by Liberty Paige on November 9, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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