NFL Diversity Hiring Plan Met With Disdain

No sport has been hit harder with diversity cases than the NFL. Since making their presence known, Black Lives Matter has put pressure on the sports league to better provide for their players. Throughout their history, claims have come against the NFL for how they treat their players and staff. Instituting a strict diversity hiring program, the NFL is finding that people don’t like to be hired solely off the color of their skin. Go figure!

Shocking, but the National Football League believed passing the plan would help silence the blowback from the BLM movement. The plan would give two third-round draft picks to teams that lose head coaches of color to other teams. While the plan does sound ludicrous, the NFL owners read over and approved the plan. Now, sources within the NFL are saying they want to be hired off of their merit and not their ethnicity.

Talking to ESPN, a source said, “This will affect all of us, and we wanted to be involved in the process. We don’t know whether it’s lip service or real, and we just want to be judged on our own merits.”

As for the source, they claim to feel more like a bargaining chip than an actual person since teams get incentives from hiring coaches of color. When asked about the changes, the source said, “It’s counterintuitive. They’re rewarding you for doing something that you should have been doing already.”

Surprising that this is the best solution the NFL could have come up with given then ten months they sat around discussing the problem. While this might be the least productive plan the NFL could have done, they did expand on the Rooney Rule to add more minority hires. Back in June, the Colts even created a Director of Diversity to better help the team and their outreach in the Black communities.

The problem with how the NFL is handling the situation is how they feel that they need to fix it. This is not the government. It is a sport and should be viewed as such. At the end of the day, you should be hired off of your merit alone rather you are male, female, black – or white.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on November 16, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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