Rudy Giuliani: President Trump Not Conceding Anytime Soon

The 2020 election has been a whirlwind of excitement and unknowns as Americans around the world want to know who the next President is going to be. While the Democrats and Sleepy Joe Biden claimed early victory, the lawsuits over election meddling and voter fraud have tied up the process for an undisclosed amount of time. But no matter how long it takes, President Trump wants the American people to know that he intends on winning.

It wasn’t long ago that the President took to Twitter, as he usually does, to express his concern about Joe Biden stealing the election. Trump claimed that Biden won the election by stealing it. Of course, the media latched onto the statement and took it out of context, like the President was finally conceding. Well, according to President Trump – he doesn’t plan on conceding because he is going to win.

Since the media called the election for Biden just over a week ago, the United States has been in limbo. The President-elect has been busy slinging orders and telling the American people that they are going to go into another lockdown. But at the same time, President Trump has been somewhat silent during the whole ordeal. Other than his tweets about a stolen election, the President has been rather silent and recluse.

In a recent interview, Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer, said there were two ongoing lawsuits in Michigan. One had to deal with the officials illegally throwing out poll watchers while the other surrounds thousands of votes that did not have their signature’s matched. Giuliani went on to say, “We can count now up to 628,000 votes were unlawfully cast that way. And now in Michigan, well over 300,000 and we’ve just begun to count, which is part of both cases.”

While the Democrats and their voters continue to dance in the streets and spread COVID-19 like it is going out of style, the President seems hard at work – fighting an entire rigged election. The media continues to turn a blind eye while the Democrats try to steal another election, and the only person fighting is President Trump.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on November 18, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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