The Coming Violence Of The Hard Left

Prepare yourselves.

We’re seeing political violence in Washington, D.C, as people who attended the Trump rally on Saturday were assaulted and harrased by left wing groups. We’re seeing the same in communities, as the left threatens businesses that won’t donate to them. We see it on college campuses, as left wing groups dominate social life and intellectual discussion and make life difficult for conservative kids to get an education.


And political violence is going to get worse, as the hard left continues to extort their way to political power and maybe even turns on their Democrat masters. Well, it’s about time we turn this narrative around. It’s time we, for now, peaceably and non violently fight back. At this point defensive measures are the order of the day. In the future, anything is possible. What is your part in protecting your family, home, and community if Antifa or Black Lives Matter pay you a visit?

First, do not count on the police. Many departments have been castrated by PC mayors and city councils. The officers themselves are heros and great men and women. But they take orders from civilian politicians, many of whom are allied with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. In more than one city, cops have stood by neutered while mobs ransacked and looted business areas. They will be just as effective in your neighborhood.

Have personal protection and know how to use it. Make sure your adult family members know how to use it. This is nothing radical, just a practical application of the Second Amendment. Many of the mobs are armed. They brandish their weapons mostly for purposes of intimidation. But if they know you’re unarmed, or suspect your neighbors are by those hilarious multicolored PC signs that proclaim inane platitudes, they could target your neighborhood or even your individual home for vandalism or worse.

But if they notice, as with that couple in St. Louis, they you’re not going to sit idly by and watch your home be damaged, they will think twice about making a fuss. Of course, if they do decide to engage and put you, your family, or your property in serious danger, well, you’ll know what to do and in doing such will do society a favor. For anytime a free man or woman stands up to a mob, America is better, America stands stronger.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 16, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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