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What About A New Form of Government?

The system the Founders devised, which has been in operation for over two centuries, has served us well. But, given the seemingly unending polarization in this country, thus ensuring paralysis, perhaps a parliamentary system may work out better for the challenges ahead.

No more state vote counts. Simple math per congressional district. In fact, if this election would have been run that way and the race nationalized district by district, the Republicans, who did well, possibly would have taken the House and thus the national government. Can you say Prime Minister Donald Trump? I knew you could.

With new Republican House members, like Nancy Mace of South Carolina, we’d have ministers (department heads) to run the federal government. We could also move stars around to put them in safe seats. Members of Congress Kim Klacik, Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, and Charlie Kirk? It could easily happen. All the Trump kids could get seats, even Tiffany.

True, the Prime Minister would not be the head of state. As a constitutional monarchist at heart, I would have no problem with this. The trick is then, to find a proper royal family.

There must be a direct descendant of George Washington puttering around somewhere. If not him, then, hear me out on this before you scream NO!, the Bush family.

First, they’d be politically toothless. So that’s a benefit going in. All the family would be constitutionally barred from elective office. Liking this now, huh?

And c’mon man, they weren’t that bad at the ceremonial and tear jerking stuff. George the Elder would have made a better king than he was president. George the Younger was good to have around after 9-11 in the sense of national resolve and his basic decency as a person. The common touch and all that rot. Jeb would make a suitable bumbling duke and both Bush wives would have been good queens. And hell, Dubya was a fighter pilot. Like Abdullah of Jordan against ISIS and Andrew in the Falklands, he could have hopped in his aircraft and led the first strikes over Kabul. How badass would that have been? Oh yeah.

But most importantly, I think a lot of us are tired of the sclerosis that comes with checks and balances. No, we don’t want anybody to have unlimited power. A Senate, after we do away with the 17th Amendment, could act as a real upper House and put the brakes on wacky stuff. But just the brakes, not kill bills for good. Also, intraparty political considerations would keep things on an even keel for the majority.

But think, what could Donald Trump have done, Prime Minister Donald Trump, without dealing with Pelosi and the Democrat House over the last four years? Just think of it. And would we be in the current mess? Not likely at all.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 16, 2020. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com [1] and is used by permission.

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