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America First Radio Host Takes Stand For Truth, Walks Away From Major Contract

Stew Peters, host of the exploding ‘Patriotically Correct’ syndicated radio show and popular podcast walked away from a major contract last month, taking a stand against censorship and what Peters called “mandated narratives.”

“It’s incredibly important, especially in a time like now, that we don’t bow to these compromised networks to fall in line with mandated narratives for the sake of their enrichment,” Peters said as he signed on with Red Voice Media.

The move means Peters will walk away from guaranteed money, but he feels it will open the doors for opportunity as he hopes for his relentless pursuit of truth will be delivered to the masses, rather than to the select audience targeted by advertisers.

“I can’t feel good about endorsing products made outside of the United States, or even more importantly, supporting corporations that are succumbing to the pressure of politically correct lies and the ‘woke’ movement,” Peters continued, “We’re looking to rise up unashamed to proclaim our faith, love for country and family values because I believe strongly in those things.”

Don’t have a business, but want to support Stew Peters and Patriotically Correct Radio? Donate here. [1]

The brave and selfless move means opportunity for America First business owners, corporations and veteran or patriot-owned companies the opportunity to advertise with a program that aligns with their beliefs, and Peters feels strongly about remaining strong in his fight against social media censorship, establishment politics and Wall Street backed conglomerates.

“If you’re a Patriot that loves this country, I’d be happy to rise with you,”  Peters said to potential advertisers in a meeting with Red Voice Media ownership, “I am completely dedicated to believing in the products I endorse, and I refuse to be bought by anyone that doesn’t truly put America first.”

If you want to advertise with the ‘Patriotically Correct’ radio show at it’s new-found home at Red Voice Media, contact: [email protected] [2]

Testimonial From Carlos Cortez, Cortez Wealth Management [3], Major Sponsor of PC Radio

Working with Stew Peters has been a game changer. The ability to speak freely to people because they share the same patriot and Christian values has allowed me to be more confident in my feelings and connect with clients that their former financial advisor would never be able to. What’s beautiful is his sponsorship is universal to any industry lines. Marketing is the cornerstone and heart of any business. I have brought on more clients in a short period of time in which I practically doubled my business. I know my marketing dollars are going to a patriot that has helped a patriot like myself. In business school my professors told me “people do business with people they like.”

This piece was written by Red Voice Media on April 4, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com [4] and is used by permission.

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