Biden Goes Pro-Terrorist on Funding

This was predictable.

One of the most successful policies of the Trump administration, there were many, was their work in the Middle East. Trump supportered Israel and also, through the Abraham Accords, brought real progress to peace to the region. That was a goal that had eluded both Republican and Democrat administrations for decades.

But because of the vicious antisemites, Israel haters, and general Bolsheviks who infest the Biden administration, Biden is quietly reversing Trump’s success and is again funding Palestinian terrorism and those who would do harm to Israel and the US. Much like his former boss who sent the Islamist authoritarian regime in Tehran palates of cash on his last night in office, Joe Biden, in a move this publication predicted months before last year’s election, has done a 180 and now sides against American interests in the Middle East and with America’s enemies.

FNC: “The Biden administration is quietly ramping up its financial assistance to Palestinians, in the latest reversal of former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. The State Department, along with the US Agency for International Development, notified Congress of their intent to deliver nearly $75 million in aid to the region just one day after announcing a $15 million commitment publicly to vulnerable Palestinian groups. The State Department declined to say whether the $15 million was included in the $75 million mentioned to Congress, or if the two were separate payments. Then-President Trump severed ties with the Palestinian Authority in August 2018, amid heightened tensions over the then-commander-in-chief’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The decision to block aid resulted in the Palestinians losing out on over $200 million. The Biden administration did not go out of it’s way to publicize the payment renewals, likely an effort to not cause concern among pro-Israel Americans over his Middle East positions.”

“We continue to believe that American support for the Palestinian people, including financial support, it is consistent with our values. It is consistent with our interests. Of course, it is consistent with the interests of the Palestinian people,” a State Department spox told reporters. “It’s also consistent with the interests of our partner, Israel, and we’ll have more to say on that going forward.” He is lying on all those points. Expect more of it as this administration proceeds.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on April 5, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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