Democrat Mob Justice is Here, Due Process and Presumption of Innocence is Out the Window

The leftists have had more than a year to perfect the kind of law and order (none) and justice they want served.

The leftists have had more than a year to perfect the kind of law and order (none) and justice they want served. The AntifaBLM riots that were covered by the fake news media as peaceful protests and resulted in minimal arrests, prosecutions and guilty verdicts showed them that their “no justice no peace” strategy was fully operational and ready to go on a national scale. 

Justice by leftist mob with a pre-determined outcome for their benefit is where it’s at for these radicals.

Democrat politicians got in lockstep with them, insanely demanding the defunding of police and they helped AntifaBLM spew the narrative that all white people are racist and the police are the worse offenders. 

Leftist like to talk about how “driving while black” is a crime to the police and how black people are just walking or driving around innocently and white police officers find them and shoot them. 

This ludicrous spin of reality is not based on facts but since when has any Democratic agenda ever been based on facts?

The latest mob justice opportunity arose out the shooting and killing of black 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant by a white police officer in Columbus, Ohio who had to shoot her because she was trying to stab and kill two other black females. The media immediately came out and defended Bryant and some still are even though the video clearly shows Bryan coming out of an apartment building and going up to the unarmed women, swinging a kitchen knife and yelling, “I’m going to stab the f*** out of you, bitch.” She was shot while attacking an unarmed woman.

Two of the neighbors said that the police officer had no choice but to shoot Bryant in order to save the lives of the other women. 

But the leftists continue to lie about this shooting and so does the President and his Press Secretary, telling people that the event was both a racist and an police violence incident. 

The White House statement defended Bryant by saying “she was a child” and goes on to say that “police violence disproportionately impacts Black and Latino people and communities and that black women and girls, like black men and boys, experience higher rates of police violence.”

These are sick, sick people who are trying to start a race war and also perpetuate a war against the police.

Robert Barnes, a trial lawyer and one of the attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse, was on Fox Business with Gerry Baker on Sunday to discuss the week’s events.

He started off the discussion by talking about the lies that are being spread about the Bryant shooting and how the leftists are using it as another PR stunt as a way to try to destroy our justice system.

Barnes said about the reaction to the Bryant shooting, “This is nothing less than a concerted attempt by the President of the United States and the Democratic party to manipulate the truth about a tragedy but one in which the facts are clear. It’s an attempt to advance a false narrative that’s designed actually in the end to re-make American society.”

He continued to say, “Nothing, nothing will be allowed to get in the way of this campaign – no police officer’s reputation, no respect for due process and the presumption of innocence and certainly not facts or evidence. This, in fact, is the Democrats, helped along, of course, by the media and the corporate elites. It’s their new conception of justice. Give us the outcome we demand, regardless of the evidence, or we’re gonna burn the place down. That was captured well by Maxine Waters the Democratic congresswoman last weekend who told a crowd in Minnesota get ready for more confrontation if things didn’t go the way they wanted.

This looks like a quite deliberate attempt by the left, led by the White House, to essentially re-make the way we think about justice in this country. That justice isn’t delivered by the courts anymore. It’s delivered by Democrats and their objectives.

It’s very much the political weaponization of our criminal justice process for partisan purposes. Where basically we took the mob and we asked the jury to become the mob, to represent the mob, to vindicate the mob as well as the media narrative. And that’s why many people, including people on the left like Professor (Alan) Dershowitz, find this a terrifying frightening precedent to be set because our criminal justice process should be seeking truth and justice not seeking political and partisan aims but that’s what the Floyd trial looks like.”

Gerry asked how far this new progressive idea of justice will go and what we can do to stop it when the Democrats and fake news media lie about what happens during these shootings and demonizes the police officers.

Barnes answered, “It can definitely get worse. We can get to the point where people looked at this trial and they saw something that looked like a Soviet style show trial. And the reaction to the verdict just re-affirmed that concern and this could keep getting worse and worse and worse…”

He talked about how the left also wants to deny Rittenhouse a fair trial. He said, “So we’re going to see more and more of it (mob justice) until and unless either the court of public opinion or the courts of law do something about it, step in and say ‘no this is not how our criminal justice process should work. We don’t cower to congresswomen, we don’t bow to presidents. We only listen to law and justice.’ But until that occurs, this can get a lot worse until it gets better.”

Gerry asked, “This is an extraordinary attempt isn’t it to just upend the due process of law that we’re used to?”

Barnes replied, “Oh, completely. It’s ‘lets get rid of the presumption of innocence. Let’s get rid of beyond reasonable doubt.’ We’re seeing it in the Capitol Hill cases where people are being jailed without trial or without bail for indefinite time periods.”

He continued, “This is a great concern. The attempts to politically weaponize every part of the process even human resources and employment process so you’re not allowed to donate to the causes you believe in or to the legal defense, just the legal defense of someone like Kyle Rittenhouse…a Virginia police officer fired after being illegally doxed after the Guardian decided to put his name on the front pages around the world. This is a degree of political weaponization of everything around us that looks more like Soviet style politics than American style constitutionalism and that’s the great risk that all of us now face.”

I think we are all coming to the realization about the risks we are all facing under the Biden Harris Obama administration.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on April 25, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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