Kamioner: America Considered Cultural and Intellectual Anthema to Civilised World

It's a sadly accurate analysis.

Want to know how badly things have gotten, how high the mighty have fallen? Western European nations like France and the United Kingdom are actively shunning American PC ideology as a cultural and intellectual cancer and they are right to do so.

Not that long ago in historical terms we bestode the cultural and intellectual world like a colossus. From our Constitution, the envy of the world, to our schools to jazz, America defined adult reasoning, cultural excellence, and intellectual maturity. No longer.

Now from our entertainment to our political environment, from academia to media, we are a laughing stock. But worse than that, our life of the mind and cultural ideals are considered a bacillus that must be guarded against. And this from nations who for hundreds of years regularly engaged in bloody continental wars until twice in the 20th century we put a stop to it. It’s not that they are so culturally and intellectually perfect. It’s that we have fallen that low.

I can hear some of you saying now, “Who cares what some sissified Euros say about us? We’re the USA! Hot dogs and Chevrolets dammit!” Well, yeah. But surprisingly to some, there are strong free peoples outside of this country. The kind of people we allied with in two world wars and won Korea and the Cold War fighting beside. Now these people, through their governments, are actively guarding against our cancel culture, our PC groupthink, our woke universities, and our present weakness for authoritarian socialists.

From the WSJ: “Classical Western values such as free speech and tolerance need all the defenders they can find these days, so kudos to French President Emmanuel Macron for volunteering for the mission. It’s hardly an easy task, but it’s an important one. Mr. Macron is right to conclude it’s vital to France’s future—and we’d add, to America’s. Mr. Macron and ministers in his government in recent months have been fighting illiberal and divisive philosophies they say emanate from American universities.”

From the New York Post: “It’s an American export that prudent Europeans want to keep out. They’ve paid close attention to the product’s development in the United States, and they’ve determined that it’s toxic. They’re afraid it will damage their kids, undermine their society and threaten civilization. No, it’s not genetically modified food or Velveeta or McDonald’s. It’s ‘woke’ American scholarship on race. And frankly, the Euro-critics have a point. French President Emmanuel Macron and his ministers view the threat as existential. As the New York Times reported, they think woke-ism ‘fuels secessionism, gnaws at national unity, abets Islamism, and attacks France’s intellectual and cultural heritage.’ ” It’s not just the French. The Brits and other Euros are wisely doing the same thing. That’s where we are in this country. That’s what we’ve come to.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on April 24, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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