The Derek Chauvin Jury Had No Choice on The Verdict They Chose

What would YOU do if you if your President told you what verdict you needed to arrive at in a trial you were involved in?

What would YOU do if you if your President told you what verdict you needed to arrive at in a trial you were involved in?

What would YOU do if leftists across the country, including Democrat politicians, threatened violence if you didn’t find a police officer guilty of the crimes he was charged with?

What would YOU do if your city and others across the country might burn and people might be killed if you found a police officer not guilty of one or more of the charges he was faced with?

And most importantly, what would YOU do if you knew the judge would release your name after the trial?

Would you be able to decide the case impartially and give real justice to both sides?

Give me a break.

The jurors might have gone into the trial with an honest intention to decide the case fairly but when it comes down to someone’s safety and welfare, people are always going to protect themselves.

They had private entrances and security measures. The jurors knew what was going on. They knew what the stakes were – for them and the country.

How many of you, even if you wanted to, would vote “not guilty” in a trial if it meant you would be ridiculed, harassed, threatened, doxed, possibly fired from your job – and you and your family would have to live in fear for the rest of your lives?

We’ve seen the left in action. We’ve seen their cancel culture and how they go after people. But this is way beyond even that. We all know that if Chauvin was found not guilty, all 12 jurors would be targets for the rest of their lives. It’s how the left operates with the help of the media, their BLM and Antifa terrorist friends and the mouthy Democrats who stoke the flames of racism and hate for the police.

Once I read in an article that the judge would be releasing the names of the jurors sometime after the trial, I knew that there would be no “real” justice.

And that’s too bad. As a crime junkie who loves to watch crime shows and listen to crime podcasts, I like to figure out puzzles and see justice for all sides. ALL SIDES. But that was not possible in the environment that the judge allowed.

I am not making any judgements on the guilty or innocence of Chauvin. And maybe there were some jurors who were able to come up with an honest vote without fear of retaliation. 

But what I am saying is that there was no REAL justice because the jurors were under threat from the moment they stepped into the court room and the judge allowed it.

The judge left it wide open for Chauvin’s attorney to appeal the verdicts because of many issues that he allowed to happen. And that isn’t fair for the Floyd family as things move forward.

The judge didn’t move the trial out of Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was killed. The judge didn’t sequester the jury which meant they were open to receive information from their spouses, family and friends including all of the threats and unrest over the potential outcome of the trial.

The jury was able to hear the President tell them how to vote. They were able to see Maxine Water’s threats. They were able to see the drive-by shootings of the National Guard. They were able to see the severed pig’s head smeared blood at the past residence of a defense witness. They were able to see that the city settled with George Floyd’s family and gave them $27 million – implying guilt.

I’m sure that some of the leftist media folks already had the names of the jurors during the trial and were ready to go after them if Chauvin was found to be not guilty. There was already a lot of information out there about the jurors because the news media couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

The jurors obviously know that once their names are released, they will be targets of the media and the leftists for the rest of their lives. 

But now they are targets for admiration, being in Wikipedia as a part of history, fame, media events, advocacy tours, book deals and movie deals. 

That’s what they will get out of the trial if they choose as opposed to retaliation and constant fear for their lives.

That’s why the Derek Chauvin jury had no choice on the verdict they chose.

Intimidation works.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on April 22, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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