BLM Demands Trump Be Gagged On Social Media

Fat chance, race hustlers.

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 26: U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he returns to the White House after attending the United Nations General Assembly on September 26, 2019 in Washington, DC. Earlier today the Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testified before the House Intelligence Committee about a whistleblower complaint reportedly based on U.S. President Donald Trump pressuring Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate leading Democrats as “a favor” to him during a recent phone conversation. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The racist fascists that run Black Lives Matter are showcasing their hatred of free speech by trying to silence former President Trump. It’s not going to work and only exposes them for the bigoted ignorant thugs that they are.

FNC: “The organization Black Lives Matter recently added a new demand to its website to have former President Trump ‘permanently banned from all digital media platforms.’

“Trump has always used his digital media platforms recklessly and irresponsibly to spread lies and disinformation,” BLM said in a demand on its website. “Now it is clearer than ever that his digital media is also used to incite violence and promote its continuation. He must be stopped from encouraging his mob and further endangering our communities, even after inauguration.” BLM has seven demands altogether on its website. The first demand is to “convict Trump from future political office.”

“We are joining Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Cori Bush, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and others who are demanding Trump be immediately convicted in the United States Senate. Trump must also be banned from holding elected office in the future.” Ummm, given he is not on trial, what would he be convicted of? Gits.

Other BLM demands include throwing out Republican members of Congress “who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack,” launching a full probe “into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military,” and defunding law enforcement. One curious demand states, “Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement.” There was a coup? Then how is Biden in office?

Further gibberish includes, “These laws are used to target black and brown communities for heightened surveillance. Republicans are already busy trying to create an equivalence between the mob on January 6th and our Freedom Summer. We don’t need new domestic terror laws, facial recognition, or any other new police power for the state.” Okay, a broken clock.

Government “should protect righteous protest and stay focused on the real issue: rooting out white supremacy.” Uh huh. Except it’s not white supremacists and their allies who have been looting and destroying major American cities. When they do, call us.

The final BLM Marxist fantasy is to “pass the BREATHE Act,” as the group claims “police were born out of slave patrols” (Oh totally. Police did not exist before slave patrols. Cretins.) and “an institution built upon white supremacy” is impossible to reform. Thus, do away with police and no doubt replace them with BLM “security forces.” As O’Reilly said in the tweet above. Joe Stalin, call your office.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on May 6, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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