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  • Carl Discusses Fort Hood Shootings - Why We Need Change & Leadership


Qualified to serve CT-4 and our country:

Decorated Navy SEAL - 2 combat deployments to Iraq

Small Business Owner

Fox News Contributor

Author of "Battle on the Home Front"

Father, Husband, Patriot

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BiographyCarl HigbieCandidate for Connecticut's 4th Congressional District

My name is Carl Higbie and I am running for Connecticut's 4th district Congressional seat.

I fought for our country in Iraq twice as a Navy SEAL and now I've come back home to continue that fight here on the home front. I swore an oath to America; and to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. America is my mission and I will not fail.

While I was in the Navy, I published my first book, "Battle On the HomeFront" in an effort to point out our country's shortfalls, and they have gotten worse.

So now I'm taking a stand.

This campaign is about solutions, not money and propaganda. I don't care about social issues, I care about what is dismantling our country and economy.

See where I stand on issues on this website, if you don't see an issue that concerns you please contact us.

Carl's Show - Apr 20-Apr 26, 2014

This week's RenegadeTalk.FM show:

Catch up with Carl on this week's Renegade Talk show. This week, I post a replay of my recent interview and visit to HANRadio as part of their Connecticut Candidates 2014 series.

In the show, we discuss the candidacy and what I will do when I am elected to Congress in Connecticut's District 4.

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Featured Issues - Apr 13-Apr 19, 2014

This week's RenegadeTalk.FM show:

Are you serious, Eric Holder? Gun bracelets? Maybe this is why there is such a huge discrepancy regarding our judicial system between the way people are treated, and the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing.

Rancher Bundy was backed by 5000 armed militia personnel against the Bureau of Land Management … and why does the BLM have snipers?

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Featured Issues - Apr 6-Apr 12, 2014

Is our military really as disorganized as the DMV? The Ft Hood shooting and how it could have been prevented with LESS Government Regulation. Also, let's talk about why healthcare is failing ... And, it's not because it is about healthcare.

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Featured Issues Mar 30-Apr 5, 2014

If you think that the democratic party is looking out for you, think again. From Obamacare to the IRS, let’s examine how the left is slowly being uncovered for what it is.

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Featured issues - Mar 23-29

Is cutting 50% of the government too much to ask? The government has grown from 4% to 40% of GDP in the last 100 years.

Are people using the US patent office to leverage their competition? You be the judge … Thank You, Renegade Nation

Featured Issues - Mar 16-22, 2014

This week's RenegadeTalk.FM show:

Have you Paid for your Healthcare and not received it yet? As a matter of fact, have you ever paid for a service and not received anything in return?

If the government were accountable at all to the private sector and "we the people," then this would never happen. People are paying for their healthcare through the government, then not receiving it … Yeah, that is happening.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/carlhigbie

Featured Issues - Mar 2-8, 2014

It is not about Guns people, this is about Freedom. I want to give you Freedom and let you protect it as you see fit, the left wants to give you everything just so long as they know you are reliant on them.

Vote with your head people.

Featured Issues - Feb 22 - Mar 1, 2014

The department of Veterans Affairs gets an “F” in my book. These idiots can’t process a claim in under two years for those who have served this nation. Even worse, it is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone; and when you do, all they can tell you is how they don’t know anything.

Featured issues - Feb 15-21, 2014

Our Country has gone awry, the EPA has stolen 1000 privately owned acres, 46 Senators voted to give our Second Amendment Rights away to the UN and the same dopes are beating the global warming drum despite record cold and snow fall this winter.

Featured Issues - Feb 8-14, 2014

Let's delve into the current state of Congress: if you though the Government was F$%^ed, listen to this. I highlight some of the Dumbest People currently serving us in United States Congress. Also, I never leave out Guns and Obama-care!

Featured issues - Feb 1-7, 2014

Is our government trying to Dumb us down to make it easier to take our Rights away? Join Carl for a few minutes to hear why our leaders believe they are better and more entitled than us. The State of the Union was a bunch of Mis-Represented facts, let’s hear what was the real story ...

Featured issues - Jan 20-26, 2014

Pensions, war in Iraq and the ever evolving battle for our right to bear arms. You don’t want to miss this one folks ...

Featured issues - Jan 13-19, 2014

Featured issues - Jan 6-12, 2014

Featured issues - Dec 30, 2013-Jan 5, 2014

Featured issues - Dec 23-Dec 29, 2013

The Issues

Vs. Jim Himes

Are we getting what we need from our elected officials? No, we are not.

Jim Himes has sold CT-4 to the federal government. We get 70 cents back for every dollar we pay in taxes. That’s not right, and it means we are paying higher taxes for less in return. Less policing. Fewer nurses. Fewer teachers.

Our federal debt keeps increasing, and our local taxes are being spent in Washington to pay for unnecessary and wasteful programs and government departments.

I want the best for Connecticut, and for this district. My stance is clear: put the people of the district ahead of political ambition, reelection, special interests and corporate funded votes. Put we the people at the forefront of decision-making. Put the people of CT-4 back to work by keeping our tax dollars locally and reducing the debts we have here.

The other candidates asking for your vote will take money from special interests and large corporate donors. My position on this has also been clear: I will only take contributions from people who want what is best for CT-4, not from special interests, not from corporations, not from organizations that do not want to change the status quo.

Politics as usual must stop.

If you are as fed up with “the way things are” as I am, then let’s send a clear message to Washington: We don’t want politics as usual. We don’t need to “reach across the aisle” to work together. We need common sense.

    I want to create real fixes to the real problems our country – and our district – face: like the debt.
    I want the government of Connecticut to stop trampling on our Constitution and ensure that illegal and unconstitutional laws are stricken from the statute books.
    I want jobs to stay in the district by reducing taxes on businesses.

The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare)

No other policy implemented over the course of the Obama Administration has caused as many problems for so many as this mandate.

Not everyone wants the government mixed up in how or where we obtain health insurance.

I support repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and returning to our traditional healthcare system with one critical difference: introducing competition across state lines and a federal subsidy to assist those Americans with pre-existing conditions who lost insurance as a result of the ACA to make them whole again.

As representative of Connecticut’s Fourth District, I believe government should not legislate personal responsibility through unpopular, poorly written and unsupported legislation.

Jobs & the Economy

America needs jobs.

As a small business owner, I know what helps drive the private sector and what does not.

It is prime time for the federal government to take its foot off the necks of business owners.

First, I propose massive cuts and deregulation of many of the government’s departments and much of its oversight.

Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Energy, Labor Department, Commerce Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (among others) need purging. While they do have some beneficial functions, they have grown into bloated, bureaucratic black holes of regulation.

Many business owners are spending more time trying to comply with regulations than doing business.

This must stop.

So, how do you cut federal jobs and expand the economy?

I’d offer those displaced by streamlining government a chance to continue to serve their community, but this time, as job creators, as revenue generators, as small business owners, etc.

If we eliminated 50% of the bureaucracy, and gave those workers an incentive of one year’s severance and an a grant for seed money (made payable to any business account those individuals see fit), we would be saving taxpayers’ money in two years time.

While, I don’t doubt that some will abuse the opportunity, I’m betting on the America’s “can-do” nature and am hopeful the majority will do something great for themselves, and in turn for our region, state, and Country.

Just imagine if 50% of government workers began to create revenue rather than consume it.

National Security

My stance is that a strong offense is the best defense.

Our national security is weaker now than it ever has been.

President Obama has diminished our military, strained relationships with valuable allies like Israel, and let our borders resemble Swiss Cheese.

As a strategy, I do not support foreign aid or nation building: especially in countries that do not reciprocate with any loyalty.

Fight to win or bring the troops home!

I don’t believe we should be fighting wars with American lives on another nation’s terms. My priority is to keep our troops safe at all costs.

With that said, I believe in “live and let live” and that we should not concern ourselves with another nation’s sovereignty or internal issues. However, if any conflict affects America or our national well-being, then we should be prepared to defend ourselves by any and all means necessary.

The 2nd Amendment & Gun Control

Although I am sympathetic to those who believe additional gun control is necessary, I can say without shadow of a doubt that more legislation is not the answer.

As a former Navy SEAL with combat experience, I know better than any of the other candidates the horrible things that guns can do.

Current gun laws work.

Most criminals acquire guns illegally, and those who are most intent to do harm with guns do not comply with laws anyway.

Recent laws passed in Connecticut and other states do nothing more than weaken our right to defend ourselves and erode the hard won freedoms that our founding fathers and every soldier who has ever given his all to this country have fought for and defended.

The founding fathers made the right to “keep and bear arms” a freedom guaranteed in our Constitution and in Section Fifteen of the Connecticut constitution.

We must not let current legislators erode constitutional rights.

I will vote NO on any new gun restrictions, and apply more pressure on law enforcement to implement the laws that work.

The Budget

Bottom line, we spend more than we take in.

This must be stopped.

I will vote for a balanced budget amendment and propose that no member of Congress shall be paid until the budget balances.

In a business, the owner is the last one to get paid and if he cannot pay his bills then he does not receive a paycheck.

It is time for reality to set in on Capitol Hill.


Our current tax code requires a phalanx of experts to decipher it.

I propose a very simple personal tax code:

10% of your income and a maximum of $50,000 in deductions. That’s it.

Those who make more will pay more, and those who make less will pay less.

Everyone will contribute “their fair share”.

I do not support penalizing the rich, as this has led to the export of millions of jobs and massive loss of revenue.

Our current corporate tax rate is approaching nearly half of a company’s revenue.

This must change.

Under my proposed plan, companies will pay 0% on revenue.

This will stimulate reinvestment, expansion and hiring, boosting the middle class.

Social Issues

Simply put, they have no place in legislation.

While I have my personal opinions regarding many social issues — abortion, gay rights, etc. — my view is that they are personal choices.

This is not the purview of a government official to decide what you do with your body or in your home.

Education & Common Core Standards

On education, I stand firm on two core principles: remove Common Core before it perpetuates a failing system and invest more of our local taxes in our children by improving teaching and school standards.

It is obvious to even casual observers that the Common Core system of education is not only a progressive slide to the left, but a complete failure. Notably, it teaches the intricacies of Muslim terminology and “important terms”, but has yet to have a lesson prepared on the ten commandments. It should be eradicated completely. It was “sold” as a way of making high school students “college and career ready”, but growing evidence shows the opposite is closer to reality.

National trends are running against Common Core.

Parents, teachers and even children are speaking – and acting – out against it. Parents were left out of the decision-making equation, perhaps because the creators knew parents would reject it; which is exactly what is happening now.

In Connecticut, Common Core has already failed the majority of students. Moreover, there is evidence that common core widens the academic achievement gap between white and minority students. We are already continually among the worst in the nation for standards, test scores and amount spent per capita on education and our state educators cling to the Common Core as beneficial.

Millions have been spent implementing Common Core, yet we still have the some of the nation’s poorest results while paying among the highest “local” tax rates. The imbalance between the amount we pay in taxes and the level of investment in our children – and their education – must be rectified quickly, before we fail the entire next generation in our communities.

Education is not a federal matter, and I would motion to abolish the federal input and leave it in the full faith and trust of the states. At such a level, it may encourage parents to become more involved if they knew they had an impact. We can’t encourage of embrace a system that is one size fits all.

Israel & Middle East Policy

From a global political and strategic perspective, Israel is extremely important to international security. They are also one of our only “friends” internationally.

I condemn those who would undermine support for Israel. I believe negotiating over enriching uranium with Iran is folly. As the only democratically elected and supportive government in the Middle East, Israel must remain our ally and this means taking a strong anti-nuclear stance against all other countries in the region.

Israel should be treated with more respect than we give our enemies.

And it certainly deserves to be treated better than the governments that are happy to receive our aid but condemn us at the same time, like Iraq and Afghanistan.

While countries like Iraq and Afghanistan harbor terrorists and combatants that kill American soldiers, they are still treated with more respect than Israel. Israel is a country that has stood by the US and been our strongest supporter. Now our administration and elected officials condemn Israelis for defending themselves against both foreign and domestic threats.

Israel bashing must stop: There has been far too great a penchant by those in our government and the administration to treat Israel like “a naughty school boy,” and this is unacceptable treatment of our ally.

Elected officials in the US feel it’s okay to treat Israel subserviently “given all that the U.S. is doing to support Israel’s security needs.” But we need to stop. Although we have spent far more money and had more troops die for other, less supportive allies, it seems that Israel alone is the recipient of vitriolic negativity from the government.

The Crisis in Ukraine

I am not in the minority when I say that this country currently lacks backbone and leadership on the global stage.

Personally, I don’t want the highest-ranking officials and representatives of this country destroying our name and reputation through inaction and incompetence.

We the people need to hold the President and our elected officials accountable for the failure to “take a stand” on the world stage and also when making empty threats.

Drawing a line in the sand … made famous in the Siege of the Alamo, means taking a firm and resolute stand against tyranny and aggression.

America has lost its hard earned respect in the eyes of the world, and it’s a clear failure of leadership and lack of resoluteness.

Less than 24 hours after the President warned Russian President Putin “there will be costs for any military intervention,” Russia’s military seized control of Crimea.

Time to take a stand.

Veterans Affairs

The press has greatly exaggerated troops’ “willingness” to accept pay and benefit cuts.

Sentiment is not as strong as was suggested in Military.com’s recent article, “Generals Say Troops Understand Need for Pay Cuts.”

The VA is in a complete state of disarray – equating to unnecessary wait times in excess of 4 years for basic treatment, health care and waste, inefficiency and unproductivity are rampant. Countless deals with defense contractors are being automatically renewed without reconfirmation of need and large numbers of troops sit idle on many of our bases. Time is wasted because of punctilious channels of communication and command. It’s time “to streamline the processes” and stop eroding our troop morale.

The truth is the VA is wasteful and inefficient, and the same generals who enjoy large salaries and can afford reductions in pay are making decisions without considering the overall affect on our troops and their families.

Proposed cuts will hurt veterans, soldiers and their families where it matters the most: basic necessities like increases in pensions and pay raises (a raise of 1%), housing, and health benefits.

These are hard earned benefits that are meant to support our nation’s fighting men and women. If their livelihoods are badly affected – meaning a knock-on effect for morale – then what’s next? Motions to cut services on bases such as but not limited to the commissaries has already taken place which will force many families to shop at off-post establishments – in turn costing them more money.

Our troops sacrifice for this country on foreign soil at great cost, only now to find their families being sacrificed at home by their own generals and by the government that they fight to protect.

Claims that money saved through spending cuts will improve training programs comes despite many important programs already being cut. Furthermore, some of our most important strategic defense systems (such as the missile defense systems in Turkey) will and have ceased to exist. While we agree Department of Defense spending needs to be reduced, there are many more effective means of achieving this.

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

— Ronald Reagan

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