I want to thank all those that have stood behind me in this race, it was well fought.

Unfortunately, we did not garner the Delegates needed to secure a place on the ballot and have chosen not to seek the signatures to override that.

Though my battle was lost this year, the war is far from over and I have taken a firm stand behind Dan Debicella.

I am humbly asking all my supporters to lend their efforts to Dan to send Congressman Jim Himes packing in November.

Please share with your friends as you generously did with me.

Carl Higbie

Dear Fellow CT-4 Citizen

The people of the great state of Connecticut are facing some daunting challenges: taxes, government regulations, lagging job creation and increases in the cost of living to name a few. How do the people of CT-4 face a President in the White House who wants to “fundamentally transform America”? Send me to Congress to reign in King Obama
I am cognizant that the battleground in Washington, DC is different than the equally ever-changing battleground I faced in Iraq. However my determination to defend freedom has not wavered. In fact, I am the only CT-4 2014 candidate who has made an oath to our Constitution with the willingness to defend that oath with my life.
Join me in changing the way CT-4 is represented in U.S. Congress. Working together we can make great strides in changing Washington, re-establishing our liberties and prosperity to save our great nation.
Serving the people of CT-4,

Carl Higbie

My Contract With CT-4: Legislative Proposals

I am running for office because our District, State and Country can no longer tolerate broken promises. Here are my proposals:

  1. I believe we are a country where government is of the people, by the people, and for the people – and not over the people.
  2. Return power to the people. Reduce the Federal government’s overreach and empower local and state governments that are more familiar with our needs.
  3. Balance the Federal budget. Everyone knows we need to do this. I am committed to action, not just talk.
  4. Jobs creation. Over-regulation is killing business large and small, and killing job creation. There are regulations upon regulations. Solution: Term limits on regulations so that they have to be review. The good ones can be renewed, the bad ones eliminated.
  5. Obamacare. I am committed to fixing this mess.
  6. Education is taught by teachers, not bureaucrats. Teachers are in the classroom. They know what’s best. Parents know that, Washington D.C. doesn’t. I am committed to empowering teachers to teach.
  7. National security. We see what’s going on the world today. It’s a dangerous place. And under this administration, America is growing weaker. I won’t let that happen. I’m committed to keeping America strong and secure.
  8. Energy. America needs energy independence. Energy independence means lower utility bills and a secure America. We can’t let foreign governments control our destiny with their energy resources. I am committed to encouraging America to using its resources and genius to become energy independent.

Qualified to serve CT-4 and our country:

Decorated Navy SEAL - 2 combat deployments to Iraq

Small Business Owner

Fox News Contributor

Author of "Battle on the Home Front"

Father, Husband, Patriot

Let's make CT-4 and our Country a better place for ourselves and future generations.

Let's  make CT-4 and our Country a better place for ourselves and future generations.Carl HigbieCandidate for Connecticut's 4th Congressional District

I fought for our country in Iraq twice as a Navy SEAL and now I've come back home to continue that fight here on the home front. I swore an oath to America; and to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. America is my mission and I will not fail.

While I was in the Navy, I published my first book, "Battle On the HomeFront" in an effort to point out our country's shortfalls, and they have gotten worse.

So now I'm taking a stand.

This campaign is about solutions, not money and propaganda. I don't care about social issues, I care about what is dismantling our country and economy.

Carl on Fox & Friends

Carl's Show - Apr 20-Apr 26, 2014

This week's RenegadeTalk.FM show:

Catch up with Carl on this week's Renegade Talk show. This week, I post a replay of my recent interview and visit to HANRadio as part of their Connecticut Candidates 2014 series.

In the show, we discuss the candidacy and what I will do when I am elected to Congress in Connecticut's District 4.

Carl's Facebook Page

Featured Issues - Apr 13-Apr 19, 2014

This week's RenegadeTalk.FM show:

Are you serious, Eric Holder? Gun bracelets? Maybe this is why there is such a huge discrepancy regarding our judicial system between the way people are treated, and the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing.

Rancher Bundy was backed by 5000 armed militia personnel against the Bureau of Land Management … and why does the BLM have snipers?

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Featured Issues - Apr 6-Apr 12, 2014

Is our military really as disorganized as the DMV? The Ft Hood shooting and how it could have been prevented with LESS Government Regulation. Also, let's talk about why healthcare is failing ... And, it's not because it is about healthcare.

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Featured Issues Mar 30-Apr 5, 2014

If you think that the democratic party is looking out for you, think again. From Obamacare to the IRS, let’s examine how the left is slowly being uncovered for what it is.

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Featured issues - Mar 23-29

Is cutting 50% of the government too much to ask? The government has grown from 4% to 40% of GDP in the last 100 years.

Are people using the US patent office to leverage their competition? You be the judge … Thank You, Renegade Nation

Featured Issues - Mar 16-22, 2014

This week's RenegadeTalk.FM show:

Have you Paid for your Healthcare and not received it yet? As a matter of fact, have you ever paid for a service and not received anything in return?

If the government were accountable at all to the private sector and "we the people," then this would never happen. People are paying for their healthcare through the government, then not receiving it … Yeah, that is happening.


Featured Issues - Mar 2-8, 2014

It is not about Guns people, this is about Freedom. I want to give you Freedom and let you protect it as you see fit, the left wants to give you everything just so long as they know you are reliant on them.

Vote with your head people.

Featured Issues - Feb 22 - Mar 1, 2014

The department of Veterans Affairs gets an “F” in my book. These idiots can’t process a claim in under two years for those who have served this nation. Even worse, it is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone; and when you do, all they can tell you is how they don’t know anything.

Featured issues - Feb 15-21, 2014

Our Country has gone awry, the EPA has stolen 1000 privately owned acres, 46 Senators voted to give our Second Amendment Rights away to the UN and the same dopes are beating the global warming drum despite record cold and snow fall this winter.

Featured Issues - Feb 8-14, 2014

Let's delve into the current state of Congress: if you though the Government was F$%^ed, listen to this. I highlight some of the Dumbest People currently serving us in United States Congress. Also, I never leave out Guns and Obama-care!

Featured issues - Feb 1-7, 2014

Is our government trying to Dumb us down to make it easier to take our Rights away? Join Carl for a few minutes to hear why our leaders believe they are better and more entitled than us. The State of the Union was a bunch of Mis-Represented facts, let’s hear what was the real story ...

Featured issues - Jan 20-26, 2014

Pensions, war in Iraq and the ever evolving battle for our right to bear arms. You don’t want to miss this one folks ...

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